Novemer 16-22, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on November 16, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: In that darkest-before-the-dawn darkness in which you find yourself, you may be surprised at your view of the stars and the vast uncharted interior landscape of the soul. Use your perspective to reassess your core assumptions. Use your grasp of the essentials to chart your immediate transformation and ultimate survival. Allow yourself to be brutally honest in your decisions. That way, you'll end up with what your heart desires, not what your culture pushes as ''must have'' for now.

Aries: You're walking through the early evening when a flare suddenly shoots up, grabbing your attention. Do you go on over to see what's going on and how you can help, or do you stay on task? There are no right answers, only vectoring choices and divergent paths. Act.

Taurus: It could be all about you. But that means you'll have to let go of some of your laid-back affect and hop to in order to catch this sine wave and ride it to the shores of success and fulfillment. Selfishness will be revealed as thoughtful withholding by the end of Monday.

Gemini: It might be as easy as all that. Can you bear that you have so very much power over what you accept as your daily life? You can shake it up like a kaleidoscope and when it settles and shines again, it will be all the same pieces in a different order. Give yourself awareness.

Cancer: Are you falling deeper in love with the latest mystery in your life? Is it next to impossible to extricate yourself from the ''we'' speak into which you've fallen? Is your inner dialogue compromised? You never had any objectivity to lose, so don't cry over spilled milk.

Leo: Once you begin the arduous task of separating your authentic soul from the dross and impurities carried forward in the residual sludge of exposure to your family of origin, you'll see that the Augean stables aren't anything like as bad as you'd thought. Rejoice, chill out.

Virgo: You've got the will and you've seen the way in a vision. Gather your resolve around you and wait for news from a distant sibling to give you the next piece of the puzzle to work through in the scavenger hunt that is your life path. Don't call 'til Saturday -- it'll work out.

Libra: It's as though you've bought a house with an Olympic lap-pool, and you have a drowning fantasy and don't know how to swim. It's as powerful as you let it be -- this alien part of your soul that's calling out for attention now. Integrate it and harness the energy.

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Scorpio: You're spelunking in the abyss of your spirit. The sense of vastness, the steady sounds of dampness eroding what is and replacing what was, the coolness of the ages—these things are all around you. Take advantage of the solitude to work out your demons.

Sagittarius: Feel free to poke around in the corners. Give your dreams the space to open their flower-like visions to you. Understand that in the terrarium environment of your enclosed self, strange things flourish. Accept the sports and mutations -- they're evidence of your evolution.

Capricorn: Under all the scrutiny, you're amused to find that there's the senseless panic of stampeding dik-diks. You'd had no idea that things had gotten so bad from the one point of view. Yet you're delighted to realize that the destruction of the edifice equals your freedom.

Aquarius: If it were meant to be forever, it wouldn't be dependent on carbon-based life forms. Entropy being what it is, accept that the best you can do is to fight the second law of thermodynamics with everything you've got. Or tell the boss to stuff it and leave now.

Pisces: Is it time to take a walk on the wild side again? You've been so good for so long that you can almost taste the sweet texture of folly every waking minute and more than half your sleeping ones. Once you start dabbling in what's naughty, how will you keep your story straight?

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