December 7-13, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on December 7, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: If you must live scrupulously by your word, how will your methods of interfacing change? Assume that you want to be careful what you say -- as well as when, to whom and with what intention. A learning curve is in play here and you could be at the top of your game if you toe the line long enough to hear all the rules explained to you. Aerobic activities get you toned up for the marathon of holiday cheer headed your way.

Aries: More like a bucket of cold water than a bracing breath of wintry air, you get that wake up call on the red clue phone. What will you do with what you know? Change the course of your life and find the satisfaction of doing the best you could with what you have. Choose.

Taurus: Who you know is important. How you make use of that knowledge separates the sheep from the men. Rock your networks in classic good style -- arrive late and leave early. Watch that tendency to comfort eating over the weekend. Make a new tradition: Put up lights

Gemini: It's funny how all that attention turns out to be a little more glaring than you anticipated on the tender shoots of life nurtured in your soul. As you're living with your choice, try giving it all you've got by giving the old 110 percent. Walk with purpose.

Cancer: That sense of confinement in spiritually straightened circumstances is beginning to dissolve like slush in morning traffic. As you extend your reach in your daily life, look around to see what helping hand you can offer from your new vantage point. Some gifts keep giving.

Leo: You're lucky enough for any two people. What will you do with your probability-bending propensities? Like Neo in The Matrix, keep reminding yourself that there is no spoon and you'll be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Think ''tinsel'' when getting festive.

Virgo: Is it the way you walk? The new hair-do? The irrepressible sense of your life right-sizing just before it goes into a different kind of overdrive? The world is your oyster, you shall not want. But you'll want to work off some of the karmic good fortune you're taking on.

Libra: All that warmth and enthusiasm positively leaves you glowing. All that heady chat and vibrant inspiration makes you want to tear off your metaphysical clothes and jump right in. Do look before you leap with abandon -- make sure there's water in the pool. Reflect.

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Scorpio: Your soul peers out of the darkness where it's been incubating. Is it time for you to boldly leave that sheltered existence and make your mark? Can you justify delaying further? Speak openly with yourself, regardless of what you choose to tell others. Wear red for drama.

Sagittarius: What will you be when you finish expanding and twisting around yourself like a balloon animal in the making? Is it possible to head out in so many directions at once, spiraling in 3-D? You'll soon learn the answer. Wait for someone to ask the question Tuesday.

Capricorn: It's a brave new world, but you miss how easy it was to get around in the old one. Don't let your nostalgia for what no longer exists get in the way of your enjoying surprising delights coming your way over the weekend. The best advice comes from a song on the radio.

Aquarius: The ideas are coming at you thick and fast. If you're having trouble sleeping, you may want to go the warm-milk method, or the journaling method, or the boring-bedside-book method. But don't just lie there and fret. You're making breakthroughs, just believe.

Pisces: Silliness is not just infectious, it's also sometimes necessary. You can spread holiday cheer as easily as you can dry it up like a river bed in drought season. It's up to you to choose the attitude you want to apply. Shop, wrap and relax early every chance you get.

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