December 14-20, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on December 14, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You're up to your ears wrapping up the old year in order to put out the new one. You're swamped with veritable swarms of details, in shapes and colors you never thought about back in the day. Get used to the pace, everything is ''hurry up and wait'' through the end of this week. Once you catch on to the rhythm you're meant to keep, it all settles nicely into place and you can catch your breath, too. Use a back-up system.

Aries: It could be your turn to find out how many trees makes a forest. You'll start out feeling bogged down, but you can more than halve the workload by bringing a partner onto the project. Reduce your expectations to match the amount of real storage space on hand.

Taurus: It's a ''go'' on your latest foray into self-development. Get in touch with your creative side. Find a new hobby, and the people who can show you the ropes. Hang out with kids to spark your facilities for imagination. And watch out—there's a distinct scent of romance in the air.

Gemini: You can always sing when you've got the blues, and there are so many good tunes you know well enough to share out loud. If you're the other kind of lonely, you may want to join with other seasonal singers and find a way to turn your pain into new friends, pleasures.

Cancer: Look high, look low. You won't remember where to look until you're actively running late. It's the nature of the beast and the order of the day. Give yourself the extra time you need to pick what you must from all those things relentlessly swirling around. Finish shopping.

Leo: This is a time, more than ever, for you to think of joining, becoming and being more. You have a positive talent that requires some public notice to shine as it should. Will you keep that light under a bushel basket, or have you found a decorative shade that will do?

Virgo: You're not simple. Your trajectory has multiplicities of vectors, all creating a fractal probability show that challenges the northern lights. Be proud of your variability. Your path isn't frozen, and all else is mutable. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt on Saturday.

Libra: Hark! What's that coming across the stillness of the night? Isn't it funny how sound carries differently from atmosphere to atmosphere? Use your crisp perceptions to firm up your final decision. You'll have independent confirmation of your choice before you know it.

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Scorpio: Time and tide surge and pound in your ears, the pulse of a giant. You're super-charged and aren't sure what to do with all that electro-static surplus. It may be time for you to break down and lower your standards to lessen the internal pressures. Ask a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius: Is that a bird or a plane? You're in a good position to know. You're just about flying through the air with your cape flapping in the breeze. How does it feel to be so very super? How will you prove your good intentions as you stride among the mere mortals?

Capricorn: Do you really want what everyone else already has? You've got a hunger in your soul, but it isn't the kind you can fill with things or acquisitions. You may wish to commit to studying your deepest self and looking outward as well as inward to find the meaning of life.

Aquarius: If you limit yourself to only sensible, possible solutions, you may miss the really spectacular coupe that is yours for the picking. Let your dreams form a current to carry you from the present into your best-case-scenario future. Share your desires with a trusted one.

Pisces: It's that simple. It's that difficult. The answer has been right under your nose all along. Now that the scales have fallen from your eyes, it may behoove you to head for the high ground while you take your time choosing your course of action. You don't have to be good.

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