December 21-27, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on December 21, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's the annual end-game, when we open ourselves to the hope of a brighter tomorrow. The winter solstice can color the week with joy and peace, if you allow yourself to look forward with both optimism and respect. If you want to build a future to be proud of in the year to come, start with a plan and go from there. Take a reality check from older, wiser heads -- it's not rocket science to maximize the inputs of your network of resources.

Aries: Have you tied up your loose ends with a decorative ribbon and a clever bow? Are you good to make the transition to a brand new you with the brand new year birthing all around you? Feel free to re-gift your sense of adventure -- you've got more than you can use already.

Taurus: Not only is there too much of a good thing, but you've been moved to make early resolutions in the face of the Brobdingnagian abundances of the season. Work for the peace you desire more effectively by sleeping well. Walking regulates your circadian rhythms.

Gemini: You're torn by choices of duty and pleasure. You want your traditions intact, and you want to embrace the fresh and the new. You're restless, critical and moody. Watch your metabolism carefully; you have the capacity for self-management when you're intentional.

Cancer: It's a long, slow road a-winding. You could settle for impatience and irritability. Or you could enjoy the scenery, taking in the details and delights of every piece of the journey. Gather your loved ones around you and tell them how you feel. Make merry on Saturday.

Leo: Call it a symposium, and look for the philosophical thread running through the practical logistics of the exposition. It's a spiritual problem wrapped in the guise of an external chaos. When you recognize the internal logic, you'll apprehend your freedom to choose, become.

Virgo: Are you lost in the funhouse where your expectations interface with reality? Are you confronted with distorted versions of your self-image? Is your footing shifting and unsteady? Learn to move with the continually changing perspective of organic existence. Wear sage.

Libra: The season is composed of equal parts riotous living and overwhelming obligations. If you find the balance-point within, you'll weather the darkest nights of the year with only good dreams to report in the mornings. Make a retreat for yourself to maintain serenity as you go.

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Scorpio: It's time for a general inventory. What do you have that you expected? What are you missing? What resources will you employ to enhance the year to come? You have the courage. If you could establish the necessary trust, you'd have it all. Call on a Capricorn.

Sagittarius: What do you see when you look around? Have you been here before, or have you drifted off the charted edges of the map of your soul? Yeah, there be dragons, but there also be buried treasure and all manner of undiscovered paradises. Face your demon Tuesday.

Capricorn: You got your shopping done early. You made out your resolutions ages ago. You're already done with what's in front of you, and ready to move on. But if you can slow down and devote yourself to being present, you'll make a present of your company to all.

Aquarius: Is that opportunity knocking on the backdoor of your sub-conscious? What could you do to make egress more possible? Let the sun shine in, and leave yourself open to the possibilities you thought you'd put by decades ago. This is a season of wonder, miracles.

Pisces: They love you! They really love you! But then, they always did -- even if you couldn't admit it. Take pride in your current popularity, it's only your just desserts. Indulge your passion for scenes of sweet and tender confidences. You'll hear something fantastic Sunday.

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