December 28, 2006 - January 3, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on December 28, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: You've got a brand-new action plan and you're not afraid to use it. This is better than a simple resolution: this has the hallmarks of a whole new you to match the newness of the year. More than a transformation, you're going for effectiveness and a sense of purpose that will occupy you through the winter -- body, mind and soul. You've heard this will be a hard winter, but you're not afraid of the work that entails. You anticipate a change that goes beyond the season. Ring it in.

Aries: Have you resolved to be more patient with those who can't help being in your way? Have you resolved to find a well of inner peace and to drink deeply therein? Have you resolved to find a fresh activity to burn off that excess of kundalini energy? Meditate Monday.

Taurus: You've got what it takes in terms of the looks, charm and effective communications necessary to make your dream real. Now you need to motivate yourself to put the pedal to the metal and stop acting like you have all decade. This separates the bulls from bullshitters.

Gemini: Call 'em like you see 'em -- no one can give you your integrity back once you've spent it seeking approval in all the wrong places. You're not blind to the consequences of honesty, but the partnership is not worth preserving if you can't speak your mind without fear.

Cancer: Look both ways before you cross, you'll find that there's more traffic in the shallows of your unconscious than you've seen in quite a while. Learn from the busyness inside you how to cope with the accelerating pace of your external life. Share hope with a Capricorn.

Leo: Are you on the spot again? Why can't everyone agree to leave you to make your own rules and make up your own game and have done? You're tired of being the last one any one thinks to ask. Is there some middle ground that would keep negotiations open? Call Tuesday.

Virgo: You're more than ready to go -- you've finally got a reason to be that excited by the opportunities blossoming all around you. Revel in your unexpected winter garden of delights. You'll be able to extend the beauty of your perceptions to those around you with a little effort.

Libra: You don't always have to play the peacemaker. You don't always have to act like no one else cares as much as you do. You don't have to be conciliatory to get folks working together. Use the force directly, Luke. You'll find that you catch more flies with chopsticks.

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Scorpio: It was a dark and stormy night, but now the skies within are clearing and you find yourself facing the dawn of an inner era. Are you going to make the most of this access to a side of yourself you rarely admit exists, let alone show visibly? Props to those of you who do.

Sagittarius: It's like walking the talk, only now you're leading others who want to learn how. You may not have envisioned yourself in a position of leadership, but it appears that you're once again the volunteer who inadvertently agreed to go out into certain danger.

Capricorn: You've got it going on. Your hair and teeth are shiny and manageable. Your money situation is as good as it ever gets this time of year. Your outlook is favorable over the next twelve months, if you can manage to sleep with all these exciting developments. Relax.

Aquarius: It's time to reexamine the hermetic seal you've used to keep out the pressure that reality exerts on your high-flying ideologies. Are you ready to take the next step and allow for your hopes to co-exist with the manifest world? Some efforts are worth the extra hassle.

Pisces: You're ready for a reunion of your wishes and dreams with your daily life. You're ready for the magic to seep into the corners of everyday and to fill your heart with the wonder that's gone begging lately. How will you freshen your vision with your palate so jaded?

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