January 4-10, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 4, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: The force was with you, but you bobbled it. Were you distracted by the unexpected emotional content or by the growling in your tummy? You've been through enough changes already that you can recognize how far back you'd have to go to pick up that dropped stitch. Is it worth the effort, or will you ditch the original plan and go with what you have left? Look both ways before you double-cross yourself: You've got more on the ball than you admit.

Aries: Put out an APB on your missing guilt. You've made it through the holidays, and you pleased yourself to the top of your bent. They sky didn't collapse 'cause you had a good time. What will you do for an encore? Where will you go to liberate yourself? What will you wear?

Taurus: You're set up to pitch in when the going gets sticky for your nearest and dearest. You have the extra energy; but do you have the will to accommodate those beloved others? Take your own advice before you consider outside opinions. Wait until Tuesday to spend big.

Gemini: You had no idea there'd be so many obstacles between here and there when you set out to broaden your horizons and renew that old acquaintance. Is it you that was simple? Was the plan itself overly optimistic? What will you take on to make this up to yourself?

Cancer: You see yourself reflected in the perceptions of others. Are you really like that? Do you want to be? All questions must be entertained for you to locate your best possible arc of trajectory into the new year. It's the last and least-anticipated guest who brings the answer.

Leo: You're all aflutter. There's much ado about the state of your heart and more to do with the state of your libido. You've kept your beast caged and your manners to the fore. Is this a new policy? Was it a tentative trial? Is it time to let the tiger out of the cage? Ask a Pisces.

Virgo: If you can't always get what you want, what are the odds that you can make do with what there is and call it what you need? Your spiritual community is there to support you with more than prayers, but you're going to have to reach out to let them know. Shop for a pet.

Libra: Are decisions easier or harder when you're thinking more clearly? If you could just shut your eyes and point, it would all be to the good. But there's more at stake and you have the wisdom to see the pitfalls in the quick and easy solutions. Let your imagination take the lead.

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Scorpio: You're walking tall, but you're standing alone. Do you want company? Do you still need the extra space around you? Have you got a recent point of comparison? Don't take the present for granted, and don't let the future slip away because you're feeling out of sync.

Sagittarius: There's a price on Shangri-La, if you're really interested in investing that much of your soul in the proposition of happily-ever-after. The choice is easy, but living with your decision could take most of your energy for most of the year. Have you made a budget yet?

Capricorn: Don't be in a hurry. You'll have the more information you need after the weekend. Then you'll be in shape to assess the ins and outs of the fine print. Give yourself extra time to get where you need to go. Allow others extra compassion when they too fall short. Call out.

Aquarius: You've heard more than you're saying. You've learned more than anyone suspects. You're ready, willing and able to do your most for the big picture, but you'll have to be called into play by those who should have admitted they needed you long since. Forgive and forget.

Pisces: Frolic in the grey quiet of the season. Listen to the whispers of nature as you dream. There's a deep change going on around you and within you. It will take the kind of time that trees respect for your hopes to come to fruition. Don't be afraid to go with the sappy choice.

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