January 18-24, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 18, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Reconsider your goals and ambitions carefully. Have your aims become mere habits, or would their accomplishment reflect the fulfillment of your soul? Examine the structural foundations of your daily life. Do you have the support to take the next step? Can you find the points of egress in your limitations? It's hard work to create the momentum required to see you through the present cycle, but you've got the stamina and the focus to go all the way.

Aries: It's a gloomy time of year, and you're feeling that seasonal affect. Take extra care to give yourself whatever works to cheer you out of your doldrums. Once you get through the blues, you'll see that the sky inside has cleared, and there's a fresh start ahead.

Taurus: Push as hard as you like, it's a good full-body workout. Remember that there are innate timing mechanisms embedded in certain life processes that can't be rushed. Listen to your inner urgings on Friday. Give yourself the space to find deeper meaning in the shallows.

Gemini: You're walking and you're talking, but are you walking the talk? Are you completely in touch with the adage that it is more blessed to give than to receive? There's a certain internal audit in play, and you'll soon have the answer to these and other questions. Exhale.

Cancer: Keep your heart open and well-ventilated in order not to get bogged down in the mire of your relationship expectations. The seeds planted now will be your primary harvest. Wouldn't you rather it were something you enjoyed, since you're the gardener of your soul?

Leo: Is your home life unsatisfactory? Could it be that you're employing a jaundiced perspective? You could change everything, or only one thing -- the result would be about the same. If you're working too hard, it's from choice and not necessity. Resist the urge to whine.

Virgo: What are you going to do with that too much of a good thing? Where are you going to put it all? Would the cost of storage off-set some of your giddy triumph? Aren't you glad that it is about time that you were recognized for your true worth? Pat yourself on the back.

Libra: You put yourself on the line again and again. You charge at those windmills as though each time were the first time. You hear the voices of your ancestors clamoring for right action, so you act. Take a look and see where you've come from and where you want to be.

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Scorpio: You're an excellent student when you set your mind to the task of learning. You'll need to remember that, though you are practically perfect just as you are. Think of this as a chance to create an even richer patina, an even deeper luster, for your polished soul. Enjoy.

Sagittarius: You've been carrying on like it's nineteen ninety-nine for long enough that you've got to be ready to make a change. Dig in, pick a target, and get busy being all that you can be. Even the grasshopper has to pony up and make beautiful music to pay for his keep.

Capricorn: In the still, dark recesses of your consciousness are glimpses of a new map, a different means of being and becoming. Do you dare take the risk that's being offered? Can you justify the possible return on investment that this could represent? Regret nothing.

Aquarius: You're doing yourself and your loved ones a disservice by keeping so much bottled up inside. Your concerns are running you ragged—hamsters on squeaky running wheels. A problem shared is a problem halved. It's time to call in the cavalry and soothe your uprising.

Pisces: It's a kind of a dance of interdependence. Isn't it nice to see how attached you are to your community of choice, and how responsive that general body are to you in return? Show your appreciation in concrete ways. Increase your focus on creating ties that bind. Practice.

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