January 25-31, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 25, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: As you review your karmic debts, can you imagine the ties that link past to future as an asset? What good can you derive from working off your flaws and foibles? What can you learn by wading through your weaknesses towards strength? What can you retrieve from the abyss of your failures that will give new light to your present conditions? What can you recycle from botched attempts and misdirected enthusiasms? You may be able to find salvation in your baggage.

Aries: Pat yourself on the head. You've been playing nicely with others long enough that you have a fantastic capital reserve of accumulated favors and kindnesses. Let your community be your umbrella as you weather the current turbulent weather of your heart. Wear a smile.

Taurus: It all comes down to you. You're where the buck stops and with whom the tough get going. You're up to the challenge and ready to formulate a response to the exigencies of the long haul. Stay flexible enough to incorporate the unexpected successes as well. Get along.

Gemini: Are you surprised that you're finding more questions than answers, no matter how hard you look? Are you ready to have the paradigm shift of a lifetime, even without adequate data? Frame the question correctly, and all the intangibles will precipitate into understanding.

Cancer: Corroborate your findings with the assistance of someone from the outside. Seek counsel and take advice. You want to get yourself integrated, inside and out. It's a big task and it's hard to know where to start. Predicate your actions with strategic positioning Monday.

Leo: Are you winding down, or being wound up? Is it your turn to take the career bull by the horns and execute a perfect Mycenaean vault? You could be signing up for something as dangerous as it is aesthetically pleasing. Get yourself into shape to beard your personal lion.

Virgo: Your soul longs for the kind of respite you dream of in the best-of-all-possible-homes. What will it take for you to get from here to there? What concrete choices demand first priority? How much of the dream will you allow yourself to translate into reality? Think big.

Libra: Your heart chakra has suddenly opened in an access of revelation. You are aware of forces that have been in play for years, maybe decades, which have shaped you in the dark parts of your soul. Will you name the beast and give yourself its power? What will you wear?

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Scorpio: Pride goeth before a fall. You've got hubris to spare, but the gods know where you live—and what you owe. Abase yourself cheerfully, or go kicking and screaming. But you are on the way, and it's all downhill from here, in a gathering momentum kind of way. Relax.

Sagittarius: Timing is a part of everything. Many questions have different answers, depending on when (and how) they're asked. Some questions have only one answer, irrespective of the context in which they're asked. Be clear as to which serious questions fall into which category.

Capricorn: The tide brings strange wonders from the deep and the far. Will you allow yourself to go beachcombing along the shores of your consciousness? You might find lost illusions, forgotten hopes and time-worn castles in the air. If you need an answer quickly, ask a Virgo.

Aquarius: If you're not convinced that you're on the correct navigational path, you'll need to review your trajectory and reposition sooner rather than later if you're at all interested in getting where you're going. Don't leave that hard confrontation til last. You know what to say.

Pisces: You're having trouble getting up in the morning, because your dreams are so vivid. You don't really want to live in the Land of Nod. Get up and get on with reality. You'll find your miracles and epiphanies as you go—and they'll echo the charm of your inner perceptions.

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