February 1-7, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 1, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Is there more light, or does it just feel that way now that a solution has broken through the clouds of indifference? If you can see farther, can you also see more clearly up close? Don't lose sight of the foreground in your fascination with your new distant perspective. There's a more cooperative vibe in the air. Now more than ever you could form an effective collaboration to serve diverse ends -- including your own. Be thorough in your initial assessment.

Aries: You're hot and bothered by late-breaking developments. You've got a fire in your belly and a gripe to share. Do you have enough real information to act effectively? Go off half-cocked and you may not have the final piece of the puzzle when you really want it. Pause.

Taurus: Sometimes, time flies. Sometimes, time stumbles around in a muddle. Your grounded perspective will carry you through these uncertain times. You'll receive news before the weekend that will serve as a keystone for the work you'll be doing well into the spring. Reach.

Gemini: You can do it the easy way starting immediately. Or you can procrastinate only a short time and take forever to see the same task set completed. Act expeditiously to avoid getting sandbagged in the coming data flux. Be extra clear in your verbal communications.

Cancer: You've practiced long enough that you might be perfect. Could you step away from the matter for a moment to take in some objectivity? If you accept the compliment gracefully, you may find that there are more where that one came from. Emotions blossom on Tuesday.

Leo: You didn't plan to be out in front when the picture got taken. You didn't mean to be the one answering the phone when the press called. You weren't thinking of the spotlight when you sat on the taped ''X.'' Make the most of your transient notoriety: Get the message out.

Virgo: You don't have to be the only capable person in the crowd. Hold still, and let someone else take a turn. It's on you to guard your borders and watch your boundaries. There may be some outrageous requests made of you before the week is out. Delay answering for two days.

Libra: You have a fine appreciation for what you've built. Are you ready to change directions again? Is there a compromise you might explore? Or is this an all-or-nothing proposition? If you make up your mind too quickly, you'll only give yourself a case of regret and indigestion.

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Scorpio: You could use your legendary self-control in any number of ways. It would only be a pity if you chose not to use it at all. Stop playing Hamlet and get on with taking definitive action. You've got riches of attention -- and the possibility of a positive feedback loop. Use it.

Sagittarius: Is this the great pause before the leap into evolutionary transition? It would be like you to save the best for the very dramatic last. But are you as close to the end as you've assumed? There could be another act to follow this one. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Capricorn: Follow the thread deeper into the labyrinth. There will be twists and turns past counting, but you'll have the satisfaction of tracking the material to its semi-mythical source. If you become an initiate of these mysteries, how will your daily life change?

Aquarius: It's not a challenge -- at least not an intentional one. Isn't that funny? Not that you wouldn't like to take it personally, but that would be unfair. Find a way to reframe your concerns on Sunday. With patience, you'll see rewards of trust as well as understanding.

Pisces: If wishes were horses, you'd be paying a lot for saddle soap. Sometimes getting what you want is more work than dreaming about it. Have you got the energy to put into this shiny new rainbow that needs so much maintenance and polishing? Find the benefit of the doubt.

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