February 8-14, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 8, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: What you want may be so much more unboundaried than what you get that you may not recognize the superabundance with which you've been gifted. Count your blessings -- you'll be overwhelmed into a state of graceful acceptance and fulfillment. Alternatively, you could simply dwell on the unmanifest perfections lacking in your life and keep struggling with the burden of unrealized ideals. Obviously, there's comfort and delight on the moral high-ground, as well as satisfaction and challenge.

Aries: If you let your life speak for you, what tale do your actions tell? Is that story congruent with your heroic self-image? Gear up for a fresh bout of derring-do. There are dragons in the hills and something toxic festers in the deep. Gird on your armor and get down to brass tacks.

Taurus: The more you learn about your partner, the more you can learn from your partner about yourself. Respect the reflection that your other provides, and you'll find that you can see more clearly in every venue of your life. Is it time to tidy up your legal paperwork? Ask.

Gemini: Is it destiny in sheep's clothing? You may get caught with your pants down, but you have nothing to blush for -- you're kind of cute like that. There's a critical mass of chaos in the workplace. It leads to conclusions as personal as they are unexpected. February Surprise?

Cancer: You love having your depths plumbed. You love being spelunked as thoroughly as a cave system. You're more in touch with yourself when others are more in touch with you. And how will you feed that which feeds you so unstintingly? Plan to make provision.

Leo: You're standing in the shadow of your ancestral heritage, and suddenly your view of the present and how it leads into the future is completely refocused. Don't make your final decision based on what effect you want on others. This time, it's all about you. Call a Scorpio.

Virgo: You're twirling through a landscape as beautiful as it is impossible. The earthquakes only seem to shake a deeper beauty from the flora and fauna of your inner perspective. Let the chaos and dissolution have their way with your great expectations. Distill deeper meaning.

Libra: There's a persistent dampness at home. What are you going to do about the smells and the staining? Is it a physical, or an emotional manifestation? What strategies can you adopt to remedy this recurring issue? You have more control than you know or want. Believe.

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Scorpio: If the smoking gun is in your hand, will you confess or plea it out or brazen it out in macho silence? You're caught red-handed, and you don't care enough to produce a reaction that others can understand. Explain yourself in short words, using long pauses and a smile.

Sagittarius: Are they your fondest dreams, or your worst nightmares that you've been seeing lately? Isn't it funny how they can sometimes be hard to tell apart? Don't give yourself a bigger case of the willies than you really need. There's a solution as elegant as it is simple.

Capricorn: Give yourself a pat on the back. You've been a good team player and you're going to be recognized for your extraordinary efforts by those who count most in your estimation. Dare to think outside your box. There're changes in the wind that bode more good than ill.

Aquarius: Speak the truth as you know it by all means. Temper your message with a grain of compassion and you'll find that your listeners throw roses and not rocks or rotten eggs. Coat your ideals with honey, and they'll slide down a little more easily. Give yourself a break soon.

Pisces: Blessed are they who can survey with serenity the sites of disruption both internal and external. Don't worry, it's not callousness. It's a form of actively aware compassion that calls one to solutions instead of tears. Be braver than you can ever remember being.

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