February 22-28, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 22, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You said the magic words and threw the beans over your shoulder. Now they're sprouting: Large as life and twice as natural, they're growing at hyper-tropical speed. Will you wait for the harvest, or climb along with the beanstalk? There's something better than a singing harp at the end of this fairytale, but right action is sometimes counterintuitive. The end of the week presents an obstacle as insurmountable as it is illusory -- try for a fresh perspective.

Aries: You've got your ears to the ground and you're ready to track your chosen quarry to the ends of the earth if necessary. Could you present a warmer front to convince your prey of your harmless sincerity? Catch and release can be as stimulating as other forms of the sport.

Taurus: You went with the flow, and find yourself in uncharted rapids complicated by a wind shear. Ground yourself and take stock of your situation. You may find useful assistance that others before you abandoned. Tap your inner MacGyver to make the most of what you have.

Gemini: Sometimes it's all about persistence. Sometimes it's all about knowing when to feint in order to set up a dazzling attack. Sometimes it's all about rolling with the changes and holding onto one's center whilst leaving oneself vulnerable to shifts on multiple axes. Think.

Cancer: You're possessed with a desire to live in the chosen ideal. You're aware of your limitations, and perhaps overly sensitive to the financial exposure to which you've committed yourself. You've been lucky thus far. Will second guessing make the situation better or worse.

Leo: If you'd known it would be this difficult, you might not have stepped up to the plate so readily. If you'd known it would be this demanding, you might have started taking your vitamins sooner. If you knew how rewarding it will be, you would never look back. Reconsider.

Virgo: You get to choose how you phase in and out of indispensability. You're the captain of your soul and the master of your fate. And others are waiting to see what you'll decide. How will your garden grow? What will you plant and when? Are butterflies still free? Remember.

Libra: It's a symphony of light and sound and color. You're entranced by your own revelation. You're dazzled by your vision. Where will you find the support team you need to make your dream come true? What enticements will you employ to gain the good-will of those you need.

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Scorpio: A simple propensity for the dramatic can take on implications way past those to which even you are inured. Monitor your actions and words carefully. Weigh your responses soberly and keep the long-range in view, no matter how trivial the transaction. Wear red.

Sagittarius: You've walked the walk until your feet were bleeding. And that was after talking the talk until your jaw seized up. You've set the best example you know how. And yet you've got so much farther to go if you're going to get where you're going in time to enjoy it. Rev up.

Capricorn: It's piffle if it's unsubstantiated. Only when you're presented with proof do you have to give it your serious attention. Structure your time carefully, there're little hillocks and hiccups strewn through this cycle and any molehill could become a mountain if left unchecked.

Aquarius: You've heard the whispers. You've read the reports. You've been ready for this long while to act, and yet the time has not arrived. Delay a little longer, to your own advantage in the long run. Call on the old cronies to give you the moral support to hold back. Re-evaluate.

Pisces: Your dreams take on a fevered tinge. Your hopes become accelerated in this new climate of activity and manifestation. Let your aspirations walk the earth. It's worth the risk you'll take to get that close to your heart's desire. Only the brave deserve the fair. Confer.

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