March 1-7, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 1, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Don't take your eye off the ball for a second. Everything is in a new kind of flux -- chaos will resolve itself into perfection and it will be a miracle, of sorts. Give yourself credit for the giving you've been doing, but remember to rededicate yourself to those aspects of service that have come to mean the most to you. Now and again, there's a good time to be impulsive and to act on that impulse. Now is that time.

Aries: You want what you want, and impulse control is at an all time low. Set yourself some intervening goals to prolong your anticipation of the inevitable victory. Refrain from retreating to your tent until it's show time. There's an answer buried in the dream you have on Sunday.

Taurus: Usually, you're the last one to promote an innovation. But the time has come for you to take a stand for what you know will work better. You'll lose some popularity, and you might even lose some sleep. But you'll have fought the good fight, and you'll like the outcome.

Gemini: The workplace is rank with seasonal shifts. It's high tide and the raft is leaky, but you're not going to be left behind. Test the wind, make your shirt into a sail and let your intuition guide you into the illumination promised by the sea of the collective unconscious.

Cancer: Are you vacillating senselessly? Or could this be a hyper-sensitive response to forces so subtle that they're barely detectable at bodhisattva-grade levels of awareness? Trust your gut and whatever gives your viscera peace. If your soma is for you, who can be against you?

Leo: While there's no scarcity of the resources in question, you're having the devil's own time resisting the urge to hoard and ration the commodity at hand. What is that about? You're deserving -- and so is everybody else. Release your leaden grip on the situation. Stand aside.

Virgo: This isn't the partnership you were expecting. This isn't the arrangement you felt would be fair. This is instead a revelation of a much broader vista, stretching away into the future with shining promise. Will you continue to cavil at your change of fortune? Reflect.

Libra: Use the limitations of the haiku form to give your heart the freedom to express itself. Use the limitations of your living situation to give your soul the freedom to find comfort where ever it may reside. Use your ability to strategize to find infinite potential solutions.

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Scorpio: Is it vanity to reflect on your hard-earned triumphs? Is it hubris to admire your clever management of all that creative force? Is it time to get off that bed of laurels on which you've been resting and get on with the next stage in your ever-so fascinating life? Move it.

Sagittarius: When you're hot, you're hot. You've got ideas that are as well-grounded as they are innovative and do-able. Celebrate your gift. Share it with others. Get it down in writing. Run it by those wiser heads in your coterie. There's no time like the present for doing it all.

Capricorn: You're luckier than you can know. As ever, time will show you the harvest of this investment of your energy and focus. If you could put a structure to what you're enjoying, you could bottle and sell it, no question. Take a page from the family album, and pioneer.

Aquarius: You're gearing up to find an infinite number of possible ways to extend your resources. This could be huge. But as with Hamlet, the readiness is all. Don't delay—or you'll find that justice can only be got with the sword. Bring turmoil, but bring it with serenity.

Pisces: You're going fishing with a lot of line. Whatever comes up from that deep a place won't be what you expect by the time it reaches the surface. Have your inner eye ready to record the strange and wonderful specimen of variations on a natural theme. Remain open.

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