March 29-April 4, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 29, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Are you dispensing justice, or dispensing with it? Be aware of your criteria, and watch your motives -- everything suffers a sea-change this cycle. Will the pure become tainted? Could the damned be saved? Are the selfish sacrificing? Do the selfless have an agenda? All these can be true, and the speed at which events will proceed is past reckoning. Once the extremes of the scale have been plumbed, bring yourself back to center with a cool drink and a hot yoga class.

Aries: Is it time? Are you ready to show the world what you've been holding in reserve? You know you haven't been out-maneuvered. But your strategy may fool the less perceptive into seeing your weaknesses and not your present strengths. Play your last card with panache.

Taurus: Let your life speak? The damned thing's been talking and it won't shut up. You have every right to be pleased and proud with the advances you've made. You have every right to consider how you could be more pleasantly remunerated for all your Brobdingnagian efforts.

Gemini: It's show time, folks! Go to the mats to entertain, distract and dissimulate: it's what you're best at. But in your heart of hearts, you'll be weighing out the price of your soul no matter how wide the smile on your face or bright the twinkle in your eyes. Decide carefully.

Cancer: If you call it a judgment, that's what it will be. If you use the word decision, you'll have more room for your other baggage -- if you get what I mean. Release your expectations and you'll find that you don't spend much time in the Dead Letter Office of your conscience.

Leo: Get down to it, or get over it. There's not much to choose between at this point. You've drunk from the cup to the very bottom, and you have all the moral ascendancy you can stand or stomach. I wonder what will keep you warm at night? Being right can be so very lonely.

Virgo: Look around you -- as the landscape been changed by the chthonic shifts in your self-perceptions? It was an inner earthquake that has shaken loose the cornerstone of your ambition and exposed the hollowness of certain hallowed structures in your life. Retrench.

Libra: If you had to decide right this very minute, what would you do? And why doesn't anyone but you care what the answer is? Do they lack faith in your follow through? Do you? Call 'em like you see 'em: You may not like the outcome, but you'll still have your integrity.

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Scorpio: Yeah, yeah, you have bad dreams. It's a pity. But if you're all that innocent, they shouldn't be more than you can manage. What? There're real skeletons in that closet? Color us all surprised! Clear your soul by confession, oblivion or even righteous indignation. Work.

Sagittarius: You had no idea you could rally that kind of support from your community, right? That would explain why it's taken you so long to get such a short distance. But the lessons along the way have been more than appropriate. Don't regret, pick yourself up and reach out.

Capricorn: If it were fair, it wouldn't be the workplace you've come to know and survive. If it made sense, it wouldn't be policy. If they were knowledgeable, they wouldn't be your co-workers, n'est-ce pas? Still, paste a smile on your face and be productive anyway.

Aquarius: Look around you. Is this how you want the world to be and your life to proceed? You have more freedom and more self-determination than either you, or the culture around you, is comfortable admitting. Go the distance. Require that your own performance be super.

Pisces: Listening carefully reveals more than you might have imagined. Looking carefully shows you everything you need to know that isn't easily verbalized. You've got the antennae to sense enough to avoid the hidden traps and pitfalls. Proceed with caution and a light heart.

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