April 5-11, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on April 5, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's been a long, slow climb up the steep, steep hill. Now you can see a clear path down that slippery slope before you. Will you slide down at top speed, coasting on your prior efforts? Will you walk intentionally, the same way you got there? Will you leap into the abyss of becoming forthwith? There are no set answers, only infinite potentials. It's your turn to choose the path you'll take home. Call your mother.

Aries: Is that the wind howling, or is it your soul in its self-made oppression? Is that your stomach growling, or could that be your conscience in revolt? It's still not too late to shift your trajectory. Evaluate your options and embrace serendipity for maximum satisfaction.

Taurus: Persistence is your hallmark. Faithfulness is your natural gift. Yet you're neither blind nor wholly refractory to learning. If there's no point in going forward as planned, you'll want to be open to finding an alternative. If your loyalty leaves you fruitless and unsatisfied, leave.

Gemini: Shakespeare called it ''contumely.'' We know it as ''bad spin.'' If you're not managing your image, you may want to reconsider. Let the outer form reflect the inner truth. You have nothing to hide that you couldn't be induced to share to your own greater benefit. Go wide.

Cancer: You've been nesting something. Is it almost ready to hatch? Are you feeling the love? Prepare to get out of the dormant stage and into an active one. Your seasonal wings are sprouting with a vengeance. It's time to do what needs to be done in your inimitable way.

Leo: Positioned as you are, you can't help squinting into the sun or the lurking suspicion of that shadow over your shoulder. Relax, those tired old feedback loops -- playing since you first recorded your family of origin -- can't even begin to sum up the total of your current condition.

Virgo: Here you are, stuck in the middle again. But is it a bad thing to have that mediating position? You're trusted on all sides. You're informed to the top of your bent. You're able to form proactively responsive strategies to developing situations without being overwhelmed.

Libra: All of the great outdoors wouldn't be enough to contain the maelstroms of change through which you're currently finding your soul strained. Give yourself liberty to take a break from evolving at breakneck speed. Darwin has a word for those who can't unwind: unfit.

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Scorpio: Peace in your time; peace without an ironic edge or a taint of bitter resignation. Can you go wholeheartedly into the present bearing this incomparable talisman against the rough and challenging times ahead? Get up a little earlier to breathe, chant or visualize the way.

Sagittarius: If you still don't know what you want, and you still haven't found what you're looking for, then you may need to reframe more dramatically, more profoundly, and more all-encompassingly when you reconsider your options. Go to the mats to make it truly awesome.

Capricorn: Are you rolling away the stones? What might you uncover within? There's mythic and historical precedence in play for the almost-tangible anticipation as your enthusiastic fans gear up for your next feat of discovery and revelation. Speak in tongues for clarity Saturday.

Aquarius: Play 'em where they lie and you won't have to say anything but the truth. Let your delight in perfection take backseat to your fascination with the beta releases of all the world's innovations. If there's a universe in a grain of sand, what could you find in a dust bunny?

Pisces: Look, don't touch. This is a good time to keep your hands to yourself unless you're convinced that you're comfortable playing for keeps. Skip your best judgment and go straight for your gut reaction if you really want to know what the right thing to do might be on Friday.

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