April 19-25, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on April 19, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You've shifted pointless boulders uphill long enough, Sisyphus. With that immense obstacle out of your line of vision, you may be surprised to see where your toils have brought you. The work has been harder, and less rewarding, than you could possibly have imagined when you started. But now you're in great shape for the legitimate trials and heroic tasks coming your way. Let inspiration be followed by practical application and you'll get more for your efforts.

Aries: This could be the easiest major step you've ever taken. In a sense, you've been practicing for years and now you're ready for the big time. Don't forget to thank all the little people who've been a part of your team through the hungry years. Buy low on Monday.

Taurus: Would you, could you, in a box? You may not have a choice, since the walls have been closing in lately. Is it a choice you really need? Or would you do better with more efficient deployment of your current resources with access to reserves as necessary? Save.

Gemini: It might not be all beer and Skittles, but things haven't been going too badly for you lately. You can see the upside of every cloud, and you're making silver linings out of sow's ears as fast as you can keep the bobbin loaded. Try to slow the pace and enjoy the scenery.

Cancer: It might be a learning experience, but you're not sure what you're supposed to have learned. Don't give your whole-hearted approval? Don't allow yourself to trust fully? Nah. It's that one about, ''If at first you don't succeed.'' Wash in the moonlight to restore innocence.

Leo: Let the sun shine in, because it's finally come out for you in all its seasonal glory. Revel in the changes and the burgeoning options. Watch your dull winter's labors flourish and reward your patience and generosity. Your smile is an umbrella big enough for you to share.

Virgo: If you can catch the flow of the times, you'll be surfing across the cycle in winning style. Let your intuition inform your experience, and you'll get farther with less effort than you'd assessed initially. Call for reinforcements Friday, and you'll have a miracle by Monday.

Libra: It's tempting to blame others. It's not unreasonable to want to share the blame, since you had to share the glory earlier. But let others find their own come-to-Jesus moment. You can't hurry the workings of the ethical conscience or the moral soul. Lighten up with balloons.

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Scorpio: Is that the future rushing to meet you better than halfway? You couldn't have been very careful at your prayers—they've been answered manifold. Shower the excess of the largess of the universe on those around you. Having cast your bread, unload other carbs too.

Sagittarius: It's a veritable funhouse of chaos and adventure. You weren't expecting this much color to attend your fairly mundane comings and goings, but you've got a kind of magnetic aura about you and others just can't resist enriching and enlivening your shtick.

Capricorn: You want to wake up and find your dreams are true and the nightmares vanished. Could you work at lucid dreaming, giving yourself gentle guidance as the unlikely unfolds endlessly before your disbelieving eyes? Practice impossible things. Solve the imponderable.

Aquarius: You feel the bonds of your oppression snapping almost audibly. You feel the fine strength of spring coursing in your veins. You feel the urge to wonder what would be best for you in the next seven-year cycle of your being. Ready for something completely different?

Pisces: It would be small of you to start fussing at the process at this late date. It would be mean of you to observe the better methodology with all the data just collected. If you want to make a difference, speak up early and take action often. Hold onto your opinion Sunday.

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