April 26-May 2, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on April 26, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: What's done is done. You can't change the past, even with full-bore whining, sulking and tantrums. Remember that passive-aggressive behaviors are equally ineffective remaking our personal histories. Face your choices and resources with open-minded clarity to get more from this cycle's challenges. Ask how you want to move forward instead of brooding over your present position. Good conduct now incites better options down the road. Keep your chin up and ask a weirdo for directions.

Aries: It could be another case of mind over matter. You like reading the situation that way. But what if it's a case of discretion versus valor? How will you rise to the occasion? You're hot to keep this secret, but the joy and the terror of it are leaking out at the edges. Re-caulk.

Taurus: It's a long and winding road, but you're good for the distance as long as you can set your own pace. Reject pressure. Accept assistance. Look to an unexpected quarter for the best sartorial advice. (Grandma? Polka-dots?) That random memory lapse serves a purpose.

Gemini: Lookee! You're walking the talk! And you're doing it on a tight-rope with tigers below you and flaming swords whirling in a precision drill to either side. Rescue may come in the form of a daring trapeze maneuver. Stay poised to reposition dramatically on or about Saturday.

Cancer: Is it a decision or a force of nature? You're not a victim in your own life story: you're the protagonist. Therefore there's something of use and value for you in this compromise. Only patience and forbearance will put you in the zone to decode the meaning.

Leo: Upheaval has been the name of the game for so long that you're beginning to feel like a permanent refugee. Take a deep breath. At the eye of the storm, there's a calm that passes understanding -- and it can fill you with the necessary resolution to get from here to there.

Virgo: There are voices from nature whispering in your ear with every little breeze and every curtain of rain. You're tempted to run away and eat locusts in the wilderness as going crazy is only a short trip from here. Hang tough -- the cavalry are just over the hill and riding hard.

Libra: Shout your troubles in the mountains and in the forests. You, who are usually so calm and sharing and kind, have a beef with the whole, wide world. Let it all out. You'll be ready to face the situation with equanimity if you can just let off some steam.

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Scorpio: Visualize the future perfect. With every wrong turn and senseless delay, you've been preparing yourself for the next step at the exact right moment. The time is at hand and you seem to be doing your best impersonation of a jellyfish. Grow a new spine and go forth.

Sagittarius: Are you ready to watch your world change beyond reckoning? Are you ready to make a new start inside and out? Are you bored to death with every other possible option? No one accused you of having too much focus. Check your parachute carefully before jumping.

Capricorn: You fell in with a good time and lost track of your serious motivation temporarily. Check the umbrella stand and the lost-and-found box. You'll get your lack of groove back, if that's what you'd really prefer. Or, you could just cut loose, break the rules and succeed, too.

Aquarius: Is your life on a Möbius-strip track: tantalizingly in full view of how the other half lives, yet without access to those better things? Is it a trick of perception? Over the rise, you should have a long view that could change you profoundly. Remember to look carefully.

Pisces: It's not the size of the boat; it's the motion of the ocean. Or so you may wish to remind yourself when an ''inadequate'' vehicle comes into your life to bear you away to your next great adventure. Give up one of your standing obsessions to make room for new feelings.

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