May 3-9, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on May 3, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: Is this the fullness of time about which one hears so very much? If so, then why are you tap-dancing for all you're worth to sell the concept that ought to be accepted on its own merits? This isn't the final push for which you've been preparing, but this is certainly a preliminary, even a trial run, for the endgame you've set into motion. Use planning to save yourself some time in the long run. Use your words to share your feelings, and you'll save yourself some heartache immediately.

Aries: Is this a rabbit hole you see before you? Are you Alice enough to let go and fall into the improbable with aplomb? Get in touch with your sense of the ridiculous and you'll have nothing to fear as you bravely rush in where Dodo birds fear to tread. Share any prizes.

Taurus: Wish on a falling star, but be ready to put your back into it for the long haul. You'll get where you're going. You'll enjoy in style along the way. But don't think of yourself as being in a hurry. There's nothing to be gained by rushing the creation of a great vintage.

Gemini: Look well, but don't touch. Maybe even keep your hands in your pockets: they give away your moods too readily. Defer acting on your desires at present. There's more in play than you can know and a few months worth of patience never killed anybody. Seek a pet.

Cancer: These are the times that send you spiraling up and plummeting downward with increasing velocity and decreasing regularity. You don't have to fall prey to your intuitions. You could regulate your diet, exercise and sleep patterns. You could supplement. Will you?

Leo: With visions of Utopia dancing in your head, and the distractions of the demands your heart is making on your daily life, it's hard to take care of the basic maintenance routines. Can they be delegated? Can they be abrogated? Prioritize, and pay for outside assistance.

Virgo: You've seen it all one way and another. You're not jaded, but you're not wet behind the ears by a long shot. Can you open yourself to the possibility that there are still more things in heaven and earth than you've yet dreamt of? Go with the least likely solution.

Libra: Call 'em like you see 'em and don't try to soften the news too egregiously. Your audience is better prepared to be displeased than you are to cause them grief. Relax and remember to tell the truth and the whole truth, too. Make Saturday an impromptu party.

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Scorpio: How does your garden grow Mary, Mary? Are you still quite contrary, or has the lovely weather and the flourishing of all growing things softened your knee-jerk negativity? You'll get what you need with wisdom and compassion and no more effort than bullying is.

Sagittarius: The hunt is on for the Holy Grail of uttermost fulfillment. You won't rest until you're brimming with meaningfulness. Can those around you withstand the strain of your disregard for the here and now? Will you sacrifice everything for a mere potential? Reflect.

Capricorn: The machine that is your body could use a serious tune-up. You're busy enough to be able to put-off doing anything immediately, but you'll find yourself amply rewarded with enhanced productivity over longer hours if you only do something sooner rather than later.

Aquarius: All around you are the signs and metaphors of a different means of perceiving and transmitting information. You're frustrated, because you know you're on the brink of some new thing: something completely different. Give it time to express itself and it will be ripe.

Pisces: Heading off into the wilderness to eat strange bugs and twigs and get filled with visions? It's a laudable ideal. Leave the bug-spray behind or the next meal you poison might be your own. Once you're ready to rough it, ease up on the itinerary and hang with the scenery.

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