May 24-30, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on May 24, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Maybe you've got it like that, and maybe you've fallen into believing the hype. With so much extra material swirling around the issues at hand, you'd best shoulder aside the undifferentiated matter and let your fingers do the walking to acquaint yourself with the straight dope. You can count on a sibling to give you the 4-1-1 you can't find anywhere else. Walk the talk and you'll stand tall when the reckoning comes.

Aries: If it's neither here nor there, then where the hell is it? Stuff doesn't just disappear into thin air, does it? Or, it didn't used to. Logic dictates you'll find what you're looking for in the last place you look. Don't let your frustration get in the way of checking out the obvious.

Taurus: You'd rather be enjoying the fine weather, which you think of as a natural resource. Instead, there's work building up like thunderheads on the horizon. You can make it through the deluge, but you may need to upgrade your umbrella before the front finally passes on.

Gemini: If you're not giving one hundred and ten percent, you have no excuse for wondering why you're not getting the results you expected. More is demanded of you because you have so much more to give in these situations. Be brave, be noble, call a crony to confirm Sunday.

Cancer: Your dreams are so much more vivid and lively than your waking life it's no surprise that you're losing interest in the tedium of the day-to-day as you've currently arranged it. Uh oh, did I blow the whistle and name you the agent of your own boredom and dissatisfaction?

Leo: Pick your way carefully through the variations on a theme coming up for you. You'll find that your neighborhood isn't exactly what you'd always hoped it would be. You'll find your ideals have shifted radically, and now you've got words to put to your creeping concerns.

Virgo: There's all that and more that needs doing. Will you be the last kid on your block to get with the program and get as organized as you'd want to be to make all your dreams come true on the fast track? There's romance budding in your heart. Are you allergic?

Libra: You could spend your last dime on the most desirable, heart-warming items and it still wouldn't give you a lasting sensation of satisfaction. You'd do better to find someone who wants to have an endlessly detailed, frank and delicate discussion about anything at all.

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Scorpio: The heavens have opened up and rained down blessings on your undeserving head. So why are you looking all put out and cranky? Spend some time giving conscious thanks for all that you have received and all that you are about to receive. Gracious behavior often wins.

Sagittarius: Whoa! It's confusing and exciting and enervating and irritating and alarming and it's a lucky thing you like scaring yourself. What on earth will you do for fun when this phase settles back down? Make your plans early, there's no sense in putting off the good times.

Capricorn: Send in the clowns, and if they don't get all the little kids crying—nothing will. It's that kind of irony. The harder you try, the less will work out. The more you give the less you'll find others receptive. So let go of your good intentions and get on with pleasing you.

Aquarius: Did you offend the goddess? Did you tread on sacred ground without offering apology? Something's a little fishy about all this funny business. Give yourself time to review and ask a colleague for input if you're still stumped. Some problems are better solved by two.

Pisces: You might forget your own head if it weren't tightly screwed on. You might not notice, as you've been more than a little distracted lately. Don't worry, the cosmos will throw a monkey wrench into the works to allow you to take a holiday courtesy of sabotage. Cheer.

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