May 31-June , 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on May 31, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Are you feeling lucky, punk? I hope not. It's not the time or place to let important outcomes hang on merest chance and serendipity. You'll get more done by forging ahead, pushing through and fighting for what's right until the dust settles and wiser heads give you the all-clear. Don't try to clear your name, or see justice done on the fast track. Some things require more time for resolution to be reached and honor satisfied. Open your heart to a Pisces.

Aries: Is it fun that you've set out to acquire? If it is, then you're going about it in a way that seems peculiarly likely to get you there the long-way 'round. Whatever else you do, don't explain and don't apologize. It's not their business, and equally, it's not your turn. Wear red.

Taurus: Sing a song of sixpence, but don't put the money back in your pocket. You've had a hot tip you haven't even recognized as such. Put that money where it will grow into the cushy future of all your fantasies. Meanwhile, resolve to entertain and make all the food yourself.

Gemini: Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's you -- soaring way up in the sky while others are so permanently bogged down in sticky, emotional matters. Have compassion on the merest mortals below. You'll find that your super-powers are enhanced by this special connection.

Cancer: All of a sudden, it's crunch time. Not in the physical sense -- you're feeling the emotional pressure to put your money down and take your choice. Is it irrevocable? Why, no, of course. Would it be easy to undo if you're wrong or clutch? Why, no. Choose carefully.

Leo: You're getting where you're going one slow step at a time. Are you in the classical Slough of Despond? Not quite. You're overworked and overwhelmed and over-committed, but you're not overcome as of yet. Run a systems check for gumption reserves and get back on it.

Virgo: Who passed the Dr. Doolittle baton to you? In as much as you can't actually talk to the animals, you may have to settle for the old-fashioned approach and stop reproaching your self and others with what can't be helped. Let observation be your watchword. Call Taurus.

Libra: It's easier said than done, as ever. So be very, very careful what checks your mouth is writing, as it's body, mind and soul that will be paying the vig. Give yourself space to be the best you can. Give others the play they need to be every bit as successful. Win-win can work.

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Scorpio: You're as world-weary as you can stare. You've been there, done that and written the ''For Dummies'' manual. Way to go. But you needn't feel so bored. You're on the brink of that which will make all different, ever after. Get set for transformation from the bottom up.

Sagittarius: Funny how successful some hair-brained ideas can be. If you're not inhibited by the silliness of the proposition, you could find yourself laughing all the way to the bank. Let words of wisdom soar way over your head. That way, you'll be freed up to pursue foolishness.

Capricorn: Sometimes it's who you know. Sometimes it's what you can do. Sometimes it has to come down to how it feels. Where are you with the choices of your heart? Take thorough inventory before you present any white papers to your head. Develop your position carefully.

Aquarius: What, Horatio, have you been dreaming of? There are more things than that in heaven and earth, still. Don't call these ideals the final destination of your life's intent. You've got further to go than you can imagine. Buckle your seatbelt, it's a bumpy ride.

Pisces: This may or may not be the time and/or the place to put a period to this phase of your existence -- but it certainly feels that way. Search your heart, consult with cronies who have your best interests in mind, act decisively after cautious assessment. Walk before you run.

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