June 7 - 13, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on June 7, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Are the fruits of your labors manifesting in unexpected shapes and sizes? Reaping what was sown can be useful in deciding what to plant next season. But it might leave you with nothing but nettles and tares for comfort in the present. Shift into Instant Karma mode and put all the joy, caring and action you can muster into play ASAP. Throw yourself on the mercy of the Universe and you'll find there's mercy and compassion in you as well as for you.

Aries: You're gambling, but are your winnings the sorts of negotiable currency for which you have any use? Will you redraw the lines of the demarcation of the self in order to include these new assets? Will you choose to fight your way through, to or around transformation?

Taurus: The life you lead, once full of fresh opportunities and intriguing challenges, seems a little stale lately. Don't take your musings too seriously. A fresh round of impossible accomplishments and Sisyphean undertakings lurks just beneath the surface of the present.

Gemini: Are you doing what matters most to you? Or are you just marking time? Has your get-up-and-go gotten up and went? You may need to refresh yourself in nature and let the vivifying beams of the waning moon gently lave you whole and true again. Judge carefully.

Cancer: You've been circling the issue like a vulture over fresh road-kill. Though you pride yourself on subtle, sensitive conduct -- you've been signaling like a ship in distress, even if you're not aware of the loudness of your distress call. Wake up your soul with room service.

Leo: Once you absorb the perennial verity that it's not all about you, you may be surprised to discover what really is going on. You don't have long to explore this avenue of alternatives. You'll make your best choice if you choose sooner rather than later. The force is strong in you.

Virgo: Wising up sometimes means following an indirect, not to mention non-linear, path from assumption to experience and understanding. You're good for the task. You've got the prerequisites. Do you have the will to follow this trail to its less than logical conclusion?

Libra: You're strategizing for all you're worth. It's a noble effort. But is it the right use of your time and in your best interests? What about spontaneity? What about being in the moment? What about trusting that there are more things in heaven and earth than we've yet dreamt?

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Scorpio: No, it's not your fault. No, the Ineffable hasn't singled you out for punishment. No, you won't know the good of it on your preferred schedule. Sit tight and let go of your eternal desire to control outcomes. Don't commit to going underground. There's another solution.

Sagittarius: Is it the first or the last that matters most here? You've lost the urge to order the splendor of the Eternal; but you've got pieces of everything all over everywhere. It's time to pick up your toys and put them away before you move on to your next exciting activity.

Capricorn: You're having a little trouble focusing on the present. You're having a little trouble staying connected with the family, though you can't stop thinking about them. You're in a quandary, and you're not sure you have a name for what's nagging at you. Relax to learn.

Aquarius: Peace in your time may be a valued commodity, but be careful what you sign away when you sign up. Ideals are more easily formulated than they are acted out in reality. Give yourself some leeway and cut others generous portions of slack. Plan a holiday at the ocean.

Pisces: Are you coming into your own? Or are you casting off your outworn, outgrown exo-skeleton? Could you possibly be multitasking and accomplishing both feats concurrently? Rejoice in the currents of change, and don't spend too much time looking back in regret.

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