July 9-15, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 9, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: You're lying in the bed you made and you wonder why it's not a more restful arrangement. Happily, you have more than two clues to rub together and the more you focus on how things could be better or different, the more true those aspirations can become. Use your charisma to smooth over the rough edges of the things you've left undone. Use your sincerity to clean up after the things you've already done. There's chaos, and light alike, at the end of the tunnel. Dance 'til dawn.

Aries: You're all that, but you can't help wondering if it isn't too much sometimes. If you could only become more anonymous. Will you resist the urge to try blending in? Will you nurture that blaze of glory in case it's something you need for later? Follow your impulse.

Taurus: You want what you want, and since you don't want it all that often, it's not out of line to want it now. But there are misunderstandings, delays, and just plain ball dropping. In the end, you'll get something for all of this nothing—and the delay will prove to be an asset.

Gemini: Stand tall. Stand proud. Stand at the back and try to blend in. There's chaos under heaven and the situation is excellent, but you don't want to draw attention to yourself until the folks upstream have worked out their differences. Keep your nose clean, your eyes shut.

Cancer: The great symphony of life seems to have lost your reservations. You're standing in the lobby of your own soul, trying to catch those deathless strains playing in the distance. You're not the Little Match Girl—get back in the game and demand the satisfaction you want.

Leo: All those chickens are coming home to roost. Is the hen house refurbished yet? You've got the materials in for making it all good and fox-tight—but did you follow through? You have a second chance this very cycle to make amends and make good. You'll make the right choice.

Virgo: Whether the weather breaks or not, you're ready for the worst the season can bring. Surprisingly, some of your preparation will have been in vain. You have more on the ball than you counted on -- and more folks in your corner than you can count, period. Wear stripes.

Libra: It's not as hard as you'd feared. It may not be as fulfilling as you'd always dreamed. You've closed a door so that you can open an entire vista on the world you'd like to share. Grow your dreams with the fertilizer of rest, right eating habits and plenty of leisure activity.

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Scorpio: You're sliding backwards as you struggle forward. You're losing the ground you'd thought you'd gained, but it's not you that's moving backward. Don't hold yourself culpable for the impossible. It may not be your dream, but you can make it come true if you want to.

Sagittarius: Since neither the exterior of your current lifestyle nor your present private ruminations matches what it is that folks perceive in your actions, you have a decision to make. Will you match your actions to words? Will you let it be? Will you cut bait or fish?

Capricorn: There are unsuspected dimensions of possibility unfolding in your soul. You had no idea, the depths have been unplumbed for so long. You get to choose what happens next. If you like, you can stay and follow the path you've been on. Or you can go way off-road now.

Aquarius: Look around you. If this isn't what you want to see, you have yourself to take in hand in order to make good on your aspirations. The responsibility of free will is as much a pain in the ass as it is a tarnished virtue. Polish it up, the shine will reflect the unexpected.

Pisces: Heaven help you, the heavens will help you. Fate, destiny, whatever—it's on your side. You can have it anyway you want it. Only, watch the price tag dangling at the back of your latest emotional investment. It may be more than you really want to pay. Investigate.

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