August 30 - September 5, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 30, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: In the heart of all those details lies a mystery. At the bottom of the hassle resides a profound truth. Beyond the myriad necessities rests an eternal ''yes.'' Give yourself to the ecstasies--but get there through your chores and obligations. Throw yourself into the non-essentials, in order to better appreciate all that you do to keep body and soul together. The triumph of the weak and the victory of the incapable points the way to new definitions and interpretations.

Aries: What you see and what you get turn out not to be the same thing. Your desires undergo a sea change as they rise to the surface of your consciousness. Your beliefs are augmented by the radical reinterpretation thrust upon you by Saturday. Witness events.

Taurus: If it were easy, the satisfaction would be lessened. You had no idea it would be so very difficult, but you have a community upon whom you can count. You have a grand design that holds up under unforeseen stresses and pressures. Use your patience to win your way.

Gemini: All that culmination had to have a denouement buried in it somewhere. You've found the slope down and the path away from the heart of all that ordered sound and fury. You've stopped looking for meaning—now you only want a solution. Use your information access.

Cancer: Are all your heart's desires thrown back in your face? Are you being mocked by the ineffable? As a matter of fact, you need to reframe until you can find the good, celebrate the serendipitous and release your expectations so that the real blessings may manifest Monday.

Leo: You've been through more than you can remember, more than you care to think of--and yet you know you're only gearing up for rest that's yet to come. Rally your troops and marshal your forces. You're headed back to the front of the line, and you've got what it takes.

Virgo: Is it a radical transformation? Is it a subtle shift in perspective? Is it the inevitable out come of so many tangled threads bound together? Give it up for the great Cosmic Yes and get on with the new opportunities you've got on your plate. Ask a Pisces for directions.

Libra: It's been touch and go. It's been up and down. It's been neither fish nor fowl nor good red herring. Usually, you prefer that life isn't handed to you predefined and shrink-wrapped; now you want some boundaries defined, rules enforced. You'll be good and bad cop alike.

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Scorpio: Call 'em in the air. Call 'em like you see 'em. Call back promptly. Get the word out, and be as honest, direct and effective as you wanna' be. It's time to step up to the plate and make good on your intimations of capability. Give your all and make your name all over again

Sagittarius: Are you singing in the rain? Are you too bemused to come in out of the inter-personal showers and storms falling and raging all around? Shake the sparkles from your hair and rub the fairy dust from your eyes. It's time to get down to brass tacks and make good.

Capricorn: You've worked till you dropped. You've labored and slaved and pressed and gone up the road and down the road carrying more water than Gunga Din. It may be time to pass the baton and let this last be your stretch of the relay. Can you relax, slow down, kick back?

Aquarius: This is it. This could be the big time. You'll want to meditate on how you require your dearest wishes to manifest—carelessness now will only bring regrets at the end of the rainbow. Stay focused, but loose. Stay calm, but energized. Stay late, but help clear up.

Pisces: You've seen the heart of darkness—and it was only a soul overwhelmed by the many little tasks and actions that add up to a finished reality. You won't give in to the easy way out. You won't put by your hopes and aspirations. You have too much at stake on Saturday.

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