September 6, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 6, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Now is a good time to see old problems with new eyes. Now is a good time to greet the bubbling emotional sludge like a welcome guest. Now is a good time to tell your secrets to the rustling trees and the sighing reeds. These are the times that test your ability to drill down through the layers of expectations and get right to the core of your key motivations, without exposing them to reason or yourself to ridicule.

Aries: You're a player, but you're playing for keeps. It's the kind you are. Don't berate yourself. Don't second guess yourself. Don't impose on yourself to get what you think you're supposed to want, but which only leave you feeling tepid and blue. Allow your heart to lead.

Taurus: You don't know what's next. You don't know why you don't know. You don't know how to get yourself reoriented so that you can set yourself back into the groove it took you so long to build. Could it be that you've outgrown the old? Embrace the unfamiliar Friday.

Gemini: Look around and try to get a sense of where you've been, where you are and where you think you're going. You have the enviable ability to change your whole life—just like that. But the wanting makes it so. If you can't decide, better to leave well enough alone. Go solo.

Cancer: You can't remember so much of what brought you to this instant in time. But you do remember the smell of breakfast cooking as a small child. Don't try to go for the germane. Go for those random pieces of yourself that add up to so much more than the visible whole. Row.

Leo: You had it all in the palm of your hand, but now you've got more serious fish to fry. Can you release your carefree utopia in favor of a form of future perfect that's as real as it is now distant? You have the power to inspire others with your present vision. Manifestation is key.

Virgo: Don't take yourself for granted. You've been changing, growing and becoming. You're not the person you were only a couple years ago. Let your new life speak, and let it use the full range of your new self-expression. It's time to show 'em what you've got. Gather shells.

Libra: Love is destiny, no question. Then there's living with your choices -- that takes a different kind of metal. Trust that you can communicate your concerns outwards in a way that is as respectful as it is effective. Trust that you can still get it, without having to prove it.

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Scorpio: Rocky as it was, it's about to become just that murky. You may have to learn a new vocabulary to share to the top of your bent. You may have to appreciate a new perspective to get what's so important about what you're doing in the here and now. Give it some thought.

Sagittarius: You're powerful. You're charismatic. You're all that and more. You may not have to pay any karmic debts until the New Year blossoms, but you've been down the easy credit road before. Be careful not to let your heart write checks your spirit won't cash. Reconsider.

Capricorn: Go the distance. You know you want to. You've been putting off the thing you meant to do long enough. You need to revisit your internal résumé in any case. Give yourself something fresh to be proud of. Your latest accomplishment won't trash plans for Saturday.

Aquarius: If it were going according to plan, you'd be more surprised than anyone. As it is, you have the grim satisfaction of being right after all. It's a hollow victory, if you really wanted peace and joy and light and life. Let go of details, give yourself to the moment.

Pisces: Now you see it. Now you don't. Life was simpler when that's all there was to sleight of hand. As things undergo a necessary sea change, appreciate that you can see what's going on. Believe that your attention makes a difference, and reality will mimic fantasy. Go stag.

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