September 13-19, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 13, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: The days are getting shorter, as is your patience. Your delight in little details is waning dramatically. How can you avoid being overwhelmed by how unprepared you feel you are to face the coming challenges? Well, stop looking for your shortcomings, for one. Find your community of support, and lean on them for all you're worth. Don't hog the scut work. Delegate and spread the joy around. You can all bond over the unbearable fussiness of being. Remember to unclench when sleeping.

Aries: Is your house in order? Or have you hit the wall of things and found that they're all hitting back? It may be time to take the Darwinian approach and thin down the herd with the objective of keeping only that which makes you stronger, happier and more able than not.

Taurus: You love what you love, and that's the beginning and the end of the matter. In between is a bunch of pesky reality, and all the myriad, minute elements that add up to something much greater than the sum of all parts. Remind yourself of the big picture on Sunday.

Gemini: Is that the past sneaking up on you from behind every doorway and shadow? Is it a present you've made that somehow echoes that ancient history? Is there a way for you to step outside your patterning and find a reality not so dependent on early conditioning? Maybe.

Cancer: You've got a lot to learn in a new field. You're not used to starting from scratch, but that's where you find yourself. Gather up your wits and courage and face the future you've chosen with bright eyes and a willingness to be thoroughly retrained. Cut loose on Saturday.

Leo: Your resources may not be what they were. They certainly aren't what they will become. Should you gamble on your potential? Should you take a conservative approach? (Would you know such a thing if it knocked you on the head?) Ask a Virgo to show you how to get on.

Virgo: The future is now, because now is when you're planting the seeds that will grow into all that you could hope for. There's plenty of tedious, hard work between now and then. Are you game for the commitment? Are you person enough to represent when it's your turn?

Libra: Nothing's good or bad but the thinking makes it so, right? Well, not really. Sometimes judgment is necessary to ground us in our thousands of possible vectors of action. Use your ethics to thin down the herd and find your way through this thicket of possibilities. Call out.

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Scorpio: Who loves you? On whom can you depend? Rally your allies and get ready for what happens next. There's a lot to do, and more than even you can manage on your own. You may have earned the labor; but unlike Sisyphus, you're allowed to get yourself some help.

Sagittarius: You've taken that walk on the wild side, and now you're ready to assume your rightful position in a more integrated, hierarchical world. It's not your usual choice, but you have some complex reasons for doing as you do. Pin down the small print before beginning.

Capricorn: Is this where your heart is? Can you do this for that higher hope and reason? Is there some other self-limiting factor in play? Tell yourself the truth, whatever you may feel you need to conceal from others. Send out for the sustenance you require on Friday night.

Aquarius: Your eyes have been opened to the secret you kept from yourself. You have a deeper insight into your own motivations. You're not proud of what you've found, but you're not going to hide the facts of the matter. Reset your charts and refigure your trajectory.

Pisces: Some systems work effectively to reduce stress and increase productivity. Some don't, and then there's a lot of blame throwing and general finger-pointing. Can you identify which parts of what you're doing now are working, and which are just decreasing the peace in life?

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