September 20-26, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 20, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: This is an envelope that requires pushing. This is a relationship that blossoms in its formation. This is a point from which one may move forward only slowly, but backward to one's detriment. Give it all you've got. Give it the old college try. Give it your best and you won't be disappointed. You have the technique, the field support and the gumption to boldly go and take the next step. Forget that you're not ready. Forget that you're not funded. Forget everything but your most cherished hope. Go for it.

Aries: You want what you want, when you want it. You could be dynamic, but you're as likely to get bogged down in the eensy details that drag at your greatness like indigent relatives at their expectations. Release yourself from the petty things. Find openness out of doors.

Taurus: What is the price of peace of mind? When will you accept that you've crossed your last ''t'' and dotted your last ''i''? You're picky, but this is an exponential expression of your usual concern with the correct choice. Take a deep breath, but don't wait to exhale.

Gemini: Discernment is easier when you're not compelled to look at both sides of the issue at the same time. If you can't pick a position and stick to it, then you may need to go for the classic resolution: synthesis. Find your third possible point of view and the answer appears.

Cancer: You don't have a dog in this fight, but you know someone who does. Extend your compassion and become embroiled in the hairy details of what comes next. Walk away and lose your street cred. Is there something more you're overlooking? Is there another path?

Leo: You're a shining beacon of credibility, so why is everybody squinting at you like that? Was it something you forgot to do? Was it a key point you left out? Was it unavoidable given the time crunch? You'll be forgiven, and ultimately become stronger, but it will take humility.

Virgo: It's not a disaster anymore. It's more like a condition which one learns to live with and accommodate. You're used to what the extra work means. You have enough focus not to drop the ball here. Remember to get enough sleep, manage stress and take your vitamins.

Libra: Much remains hidden. Much cannot be known until further down the line. Relax your relentless search for the best of all possible solutions and go with expedience this once. You might be surprised at how easy and satisfying agreeing sweetly can be. Dance delicately.

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Scorpio: You're not giving up. You're not walking away. You're only resting before you gear up and conquer your personal K2 once and for all. It might be easier if you hadn't allowed so many distractions into your life, but you've never been one for the soft bed. Work out more.

Sagittarius: The spotlight is on you, and you haven't done what you'd hoped, in the time that you'd allowed, to the end that you'd identified. Yet you've done more than is reasonable and it's all been good quality. Now you need to assess honestly what more you can/should do.

Capricorn: You don't envy others their positions, only their comfort with living in a less than perfect world. You have the drive to make yourself a paradise on earth, but reality keeps throwing curves when what you want is a fast ball. Pace yourself and keep your eyes up.

Aquarius: It isn't good sense. In fact, it makes no sense at all, on the purely logical level. However, this may be a good time to let go of all that linear thinking and allow for those auxiliary inputs that come from the heart and the soul. Wishful thinking provides good clues.

Pisces: You meant it at the time you said it. Now you have to integrate what a simple commitment can mean in a day-to-day sense. Is this what you really want? You may never be certain, but understand that there's an exit. It's under your feet right now. Meditate.

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