October 4-10, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on October 4, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: Now is the time to grow up and act your age. Now is the time to burn off the old patterns tangling and obscuring your progress along your life's path. Now is the time to take into account that which you have left undone, as well as that which you are still doing. This is a mighty tall order for ordinary times. Yet the quiet focus and the intensive attention to detail required are available to all and sundry. Tap into this telluric force emanating from the collective will.

Aries: You're in something of a quandary. What if your heart's desire floated beyond your reach and your dominant emotion was relief? It's a kind of koan. The amazing intimacies of the weekend will give way to a cooling dose of reality on Monday. Build a good mood in red.

Taurus: You can relive the freak-show that was your family-of-origin forever. Or you can decide that you have more important matters to accomplish -- including the beautification of your precious home. Make your decision final only after reading all the fine print. Deliberate.

Gemini: You're dragging your feet, don't deny it. Granted, you've got that classic rock and a hard place scene. You're still clever enough, and dexterous enough to get the job done against these odds. Don't bother taking refuge in mediocrity: your talent won't allow it.

Cancer: You're going through your resources at a surprising rate, given how careful you are ordinarily. This is that point in the cycle in which an abnormal number of bills comes due, both literally and metaphorically. Give yourself a pat on the back for habits of frugality.

Leo: You could if you wanted to, but you're not certain that you can't do without it -- given the very high cost of acquiring the damned thing. Impulsiveness now creates a karmic bungee cord of reaction. Train your core muscles to develop the strength and balance you require.

Virgo: You've got a plateful of obligations and responsibilities. You've got a tool-kit of skills and networks in place to help you manage this new and interesting workload. Once you bring your primary objectives into focus, the rest of the project will fall into place. Get a gal Friday.

Libra: Serenity isn't necessarily a byproduct of frank communication. Order doesn't follow inevitably from improvement. Unintentional consequences provide comic relief and highlight tragic timing. Use your innate sense of proportion to keep everything in true perspective.

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Scorpio: You've achieved the status of journeyman. You've got the basics under your belt and you're ready to begin applying your own sensibilities and aesthetic to the end product. Get a mentor to back you and it won't be the road to Hell that you pave with your good intentions.

Sagittarius: It's funny what memories suddenly come flooding back. It's peculiar how dreams take on a certain set of themes. It's not just a coincidence that all of this is coming to a head now. Open yourself to the infinite within. There's a final frontier there you've never explored.

Capricorn: Call it in the air. You can't lose, as you have much to gain in either the offensive, or the defensive position. Just clarifying which of these is yours to play at present will take you a fair piece down the road towards your grand ends. Lighten your palette with yellow.

Aquarius: Who do you know on whom you can count absolutely? If the number you count isn't comforting, it may be time to widen the circles of your acquaintance to include some more of the sort of folks you could take to your discriminating bosom. Have an open house.

Pisces: You didn't mean it when you said it. You didn't intend for it to go on the record. You had no idea there might be repercussions associated with some of your assumptions. It's not so much Hell to pay as Purgatory to work off. Cut yourself a fresh piece of slack on Monday.

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