November 29-December 5, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on November 29, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: It's a party! It's a revolution! It's a drive to reform life as we know it! It's all that and more -- it's your daily existence. The pace is fast and furious. The message is ''adapt or fall behind.'' The outcome is so uncertain as to be precarious. Your application to the matter at hand could be the tiny pebble that precipitates an avalanche. Your concern for the final product could be the mental push necessary to make the whole thing fly. You have the chops -- show them off.

Aries: Everything can change in the blink of an eye. Everything can be completely different from here on out. Everything can still surprise you and show up with a bow on your doorstep and you may not even recognize what you've wished for in its delivered form. Recalibrate.

Taurus: Time and tide tug at you like toddlers needing an adult diversion. Will you heed the hint and take more of yourself to task for not being in the flow of the ineffable? It's a subtle mental shift that changes everything it regards on the physical plane. Test drive it on Monday.

Gemini: You're as scattered and overwhelmed as ever by the impending holiday season. And the rush has started early this year. Take a deep breath. Take several. Practice breathing, yoga, mediation, anything you can get your hands on to calm your innards down. Leave early.

Cancer: Is it time to walk the talk? Is it time to lead by example? Is it time to put up or shut up? Are these artificial deadlines you've imposed on yourself so that you can get the job done and get on to the next important, life-altering emotional cycle? Keep up the useful deception.

Leo: You're trapped in a prism of love, focusing and diffusing all that it encounters in a wildly unexpected way. Can you find your way out of this fun-house of romance? Do you want to? Even under the best of circumstances, it's good to have an exit strategy. Bring your partner.

Virgo: It's not just you. There's something a little squirrelly in the works, and it's causing all kinds of anomalous behavior -- both in inanimate objects and people too. This condition isn't permanent, and the outcomes will surprise you with the benefits they shower around you.

Libra: You could rest on your laurels, but really, there's so much you could be doing to turn that positive influence into a veritable river of good vibrations. Use the force, Luke! You'll have them eating out of your hands in no time, and you'll do it without fuss or trouble.

Scorpio: Don't count on the kindness of strangers this cycle. You'll meet all types. Some will be able to give you what you need to move on, some won't want to, and some just won't have the juice. Reach out where you can. Try not to over focus on your present quest.

Sagittarius: You didn't know where you'd end up when you got started. You've been brave and noble and filled with all the best virtues. And you're running out of steam. If you need to be badly behaved, take yourself off to the farthest corner of your awareness. Keep it secret.

Capricorn: Pounce on those stray loose ends with your inner kitten. It's time you identified what's preventing your ultimate progress and time you chose to do something about it or just to move on. You know what the pros and cons are; you've already made the list. Reconsider.

Aquarius: You're as good as gold, and as sincere as a girl scout. You've got the motive and the means. Are you still not working on a campaign? It could be your own, you know. You're more than ready to serve your community in ways that will deepen your understanding, love.

Pisces: What's that you hear from afar? Is it the sound of your employment situation shifting with the global climate? In this time of apt metaphors, look around to see how their reality manifests in your daily life. You've survived too much to have to move only in straight lines.

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