December 13-19, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on December 13, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: have you lost the key to your doors of perception? Have you fumbled your integrity? Have you woken up wondering what your face looked like before you parents were born? These are the existential times that try all souls. And like any testing, you have the potential to come out the other side with a firmer grasp on your strengths and a better understanding of where you have room for improvement. Will you sulk because you haven't attained perfection on the first go round? Find an active answer.

Aries: Having trouble sleeping lately? It could all blow over, or it could all blow up. The outcome isn't certain. Your choices give a strong shape to this immediate future. Choose carefully. Choose for instant gratification if you can't choose for the long term. Wear green.

Taurus: Look around. There in all that barren nature, you can yet see the bones of the spring to come. It's only waiting to be fleshed out by time and process. You have a similar scene playing out inside you this very minute. Can you wait patiently to see the glory unveiled?

Gemini: You mean what you say while you're saying it, most of the time. What would it be like to be held accountable for all the pearl-like wisdom that falls from your mouth? What would it be like to expect as much from others as they expect from us? Could they deliver?

Cancer: Your heart is in an uproar. You want what's simple and irrefutable. You keep getting obscure Talmudic arguments both for and against your grand design. You could cut through the Gordian knot of the concerns swirling around you, but it might not solve your real issue.

Leo: You're still a contender, but not in the field to which you'd imagined you'd been born. There's room in your soul for the shift. There's room in your perspective for the growth. But can you let go of that dream which you've outgrown to grasp the larger, more fulfilling one?

Virgo: Destiny is an easy word, but it can have difficult consequences. Be aware as you assign your fate to random encounters. Your belief shapes the outcome as much as, or more than, any particular evidences of ''reality.'' After destruction comes compassionate rebuilding.

Libra: You're all that and you know it. But why is it a secret from all the others who are close in enough to see the self-evidential truth? You must choose: give up the dream of being recognized, or give up the hope that they are the ones who will recognize you. Don't be hasty.

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Scorpio: You can do what you want, when you want, in the manner of your choosing, and with whomever. Or you can buckle down and do the right thing, with no fooling around or hedging your emotional bets. Are you brave enough to face the whole truth head on? Reflect.

Sagittarius: You don't require simplicity. You don't require stability. You require belief. Failing that, you fail to thrive. If you're in an environment that doesn't have an implicit buy-in here, you may need to bail and move to more accepting, visionary, innocent pastures. Do it soon.

Capricorn: Could you be any more clever? Could you have been more neatly hoist by your own petard? It's something of a novel plot twist, to be taken in this neat, ineluctable fashion. Give yourself credit for the set up. Give yourself credit for the casting. Give yourself a hand.

Aquarius: Your world is rocking. Will you hang on? Are you curious enough to wonder where you would land if you let yourself be flung back out into the wide fields of existence? There are no right answers here, only new conditions and fresh rules and a chance to start over.

Pisces: You don't mind watching the universe melt a little under the heat generated by the pressure of the center collapsing in on itself a fraction. These tremors are a reminder to get your life in gear and make it real. You have a dream, and it can be a waking reality, if you wish.

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