December 27, 207-January 2, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on December 27, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: If it were all that much better to give than to receive, wouldn't there be a lot more ''secret Santa'' events throughout the world? Maybe it is. And maybe there are. This is the most wonderful time of the season for getting into the spirit of tying off the loose ends of the old year, putting away old patterns and establishing new ones in a spirit of generosity and open handedness. Plus, you can go shopping for yourself once you've donated what you don't need/use/want. Plan ahead.

Aries: You have seen the future and it's wearing a frog suit. Is it that you want to date Kermit? (He has a great sense of humor.) Is it that you're waiting for your prince to come along and rescue you from the mundane life you've made? Is that actually your frog suit?

Taurus: You received an invitation. Did you lose it? Are you becoming forgetful on purpose? Is it that you don't have anything to wear? Is it that you've forgotten how to make small talk? Is it some hidden agenda regarding personalities? Don't wade too deeply in those waters.

Gemini: You're more powerful than a locomotive, but you don't have a bunch of tracks laid down for you as of yet. Coil up that power and store it against a draught of will and will-power. There comes a time when you'll be glad you can channel the force of a thousand suns.

Cancer: You can't have what you want without using your best diplomatic skills in a most unscrupulous fashion. Happily, your marks won't know that they're being manipulated if you work with care and foresight. Sadly, you must keep your success under wraps to keep it at all.

Leo: You have the chops to boldly go where you want and do as you must. Have you got the charisma to bring the whole crew along with you, trailing in your orbit like hapless moons? If you choose to go that route, remember they'll be counting on you to keep leading the way.

Virgo: Look around. The changes are small, but subtle. If you can keep your wallet from flying open every time you see something attractive, you could maintain the balancing act that is your personal budget. Take advice from an older Capricorn. Wear a busy pattern.

Libra: You never wanted the responsibility. You never wanted that kind of attention. But now that you're holding everybody's focus, you may as well exploit the moment and bring out your hobbyhorse so that you can indoctrinate the masses. Remember to keep your smile.

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Scorpio: You've never before been so afraid of the long-term effects of a happily-ever-after scenario. Are you, ahem, fearful because this might work out -- and then what would you have to bitch about? Is it the visibility that has you worried? Release your concerns. Sleep.

Sagittarius: Feeling nostalgic? You're not about to lose a community. You're about to add one on. Don't cut off the past to spite your future. Conduct yourself with dignity. Keep your intentions sharp about you, and all will be well. Call in a few favors to take care of that issue.

Capricorn: You live, you learn. And you're finding that the curve, though steep, is inevitable. Give yourself props for making it this far. Give yourself kudos for having the sense to take in your fresh perspective. Give yourself a pep talk and you'll make it to the next level pronto.

Aquarius: You've been there and done that and it was all good. But you're not sure you can make yourself go through all that again from a position of knowing as much as you do now. Can you reset your trajectory? Can you create an alternate-situation scenario and follow it?

Pisces: You wished, and your wishes have been fulfilled -- sort of. Now you discover that all is not as idyllic in happily-ever-after as you'd been imagining. In fact, it looks from there a lot like right here. If you're not delighted, you need to change the storyline to fit your vision.

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