January 3 - 9, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 3, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: Did you end the old year with and bang and/or a whimper? You might have been preparing for the vital shift in perspective required to get with the fresh cycle being played out in your own theater of the soul. Find that which is lovely and appealing and makes you feel as though you are capable of being more than you were. Find your will and yoke it to the way you're choosing and re-choosing with every step you take. Find something soft and on sale Saturday.

Aries: Is it a long, long trail a-winding, or have you just gotten tired of feeling more like a beast of burden than a noble creature, free and proud? Sometimes it's harder to reclaim your intended direction than it is to keep plodding. But there go the bitching rights. Wear alpaca.

Taurus: When did you decide to go for it and stop dragging your feet? Have you got any idea how little there will be to do once you get started? If it's easier than you can suppose, it might have to do with all that planning and research you laid down. Pat yourself on the back.

Gemini: It's not the Nobel, but it's still nice to be recognized by those whose opinions matter. It may not be the nod you were looking for, or may end up being less than represented, but it's undeniably your trophy. Keep the glory in perspective and you won't be as deflated later.

Cancer: Call it in the air. It'll land to your demand. You're lucky; and if you want to be luckier still, focus your attempts to bend probability on the wishes and hopes of others. Playing this form of belated Santa Claus will fill you with purpose, and prolong your collateral lucky streak.

Leo: It may walk, talk and look like a duck -- but it might very well be a stalking horse in disguise. You'll want to exert caution in making decisions regarding this Trojan Duck. You may even want to delegate the full investigation to someone more obsessive than yourself.

Virgo: You've seen it all. You've been there and done that. And now all that worldly jazz is going to be challenged and turned on its ears by a miracle of no minor order. You have the chops to comprehend the shift in reality as it reforms your fate while you wait. Be aware.

Libra: You're in position to do yourself a solid, but you'll have to reach out and take what you want, without waiting politely to get the go ahead first. If you take the initiative, be sure that you have a few of your crew watching your back and keeping all your experiences real.

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Scorpio: It's not a bird or a plane. You don't even have a context in which to put the answer, yet. Since there are more things than are dreamt of in your philosophy, you may as well relax and take the full tour. You'll appreciate what you learn. Get help from a Virgo on Sunday.

Sagittarius: It won't come out in the wash this time. It's not your fault, either. Let go of what you can't control, hold tight to what matters and learn to tell the difference between the two. Calling yourself the King of Prussia doesn't make it true, but it wouldn't hurt to act the part.

Capricorn: You've suffered through contumely before. But you're without stain this time, and you can't prove it. Circumstances may have ganged up on you to demonstrate an alternate reality, one based on unsupported assumptions. Eyeball all your choices openly and fairly.

Aquarius: Persistence could get you home, as it once did Dorothy. Or you could take a shortcut, and start looking around for the magic ''out.'' It's within arms reach of you already. You only have to recognize what the solution to your problem is. Spend Saturday with Aries.

Pisces: Don't give up the ship. Don't go down with the ship. Find a non-linear solution to what's been bugging you, and appreciate that you couldn't have done it without assistance, both witting and wholly oblivious. Let your light shine on Friday, keep a confidante close by.

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