January 24-30, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 24, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: Someday your prince will come, but this minute the dear is all confused and riding bang off in the other direction. So put Charming and his like on hold for the nonce. The epoch is changing and you can have a front-row seat to the ceremony, if you only take the time to look around. You've catered to your ideals for a while, wrestling with angels of philosophy and ethics. Now it's time to take direction from your ambitions. Manifest your beliefs in system and structure. Use brown.

Aries: Now that you're back in the frying pan, are you wondering why it looked so attractive? You can catalogue your sins and shortcomings to pass the time, but you might want to get more going on. Break with your own traditions: make a five year and a ten year plan. Really.

Taurus: You've been a long time getting as far as you are. And you're in for a super-charged surprise. The groundwork you laid is coming to fruition. This thing has got momentum. You have the power of the juggernaut, and the ride alone is worth the price of admission. Share.

Gemini: You've backed off about as far as you can without falling into the water behind you. Are you ready to reassess? Contrary to your early conclusions, there's a way forward. Hell, there are a handful of options. You only have to want change enough to make use of them.

Cancer: Tendencies aside, you feel as ready as you'll ever be to take the step necessary to concretize your dreams come true. You're prepared to cut and trim and itemize to get the right blend of reality and utopia. Find someone to share the heavy lifting and pass the time.

Leo: Pretend you are a lonely glacial boulder on the Siberian tundra. Pretend you are being shaped by time and weather. Pretend that eons pass in the blink of your stony eye. Even in that situation, lightening can change everything faster than awareness can absorb it. Think.

Virgo: You can see a hundred colors in a handbreadth swatch of bark. You can hear the layered cycles and constituents of your engine running. You can feel each grit and staple in the tread of your shoes. But can you discern and cherish that which is most important of all?

Libra: Is this a behavioral experiment for which you signed up, and then forgot? Is the cosmos messing with you? Actually, no. You've only fallen temporarily into an alternate reality comprised of the elements of screwball comedy taking place in real life, in real time. Laugh.

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Scorpio: What can you remember and when will you be ready to face what it means? You've played the amnesia game long enough. Get back to basics. Strip away old varnish and veneer. Find out what the underlying components and structure are. You'll know the answer.

Sagittarius: It's not easy. It doesn't have to be. You'd enjoy the challenge as much as any other part of the conditions. Give yourself a break. Assess your assets honestly. Take a long personal inventory and don't decide until you've managed a comprehensive analysis. Breathe.

Capricorn: Time isn't on your side, but it isn't against you either. It's the river you cross and drink from, trade on and power up with. Get into your medium. Reconnect with the flow of that most subtle power. You'll be better able to harness those ineffable forces after a break.

Aquarius: Don't jump without looking carefully. Check your blind spot before shifting lanes. Use all precautions and all hazard management technique. You're so kinetic that unexpected and sudden events are likely to occur all around you. Remember to wear your helmet Monday.

Pisces: It isn't your turn, but that doesn't have to stop you. You can jump the line if you like. You have a few special privileges accrued, and now would be the time to call them in and make a good start to a new long cycle. You could ask a Capricorn's advice while shopping.

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