February 7 - 13, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 7, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: Ideologies are as ideologies do. Your dreams are in danger of crystallizing around you to form a sort of self-made cage, as brittle as it is complete. Is this what you want from your hopes and aspirations? Is this what logic dictates? Depose that inner dictator of a voice. Retire those worn out tapes and emotional feedback loops. You have other, more wholesome fish to fry. You may even find yourself a mess of new desires and beliefs to keep you company along the way.

Aries: Is it the times that are lean, or is it merely the lens through which you view the present? It's hard to tell, one way or the other. But if you plan for self-generated, self-hewed prosperity, you'll find that good fortune comes when called for, and will even wear your leash.

Taurus: Look at what you've made! You've put a lot of yourself into it. And you should be as proud as punch with yourself. Now you need to step back, and once you focus more broadly, you'll be able to see the wider applications for your oeuvre. Give yourself a treat on Tuesday.

Gemini: Look both ways, forward and backward, before you choose what you'll take with you into and through the present. You'll need the two faces with which the Twins are blessed in order to speak and listen to maximum effect. Four eyes are better than two, get new glasses.

Cancer: Walk from here to eternity. You'll enjoy the view along the way, and you'll learn a lot about your pace and stamina. Mind where the path gets so narrow. You'll want to retain a sense of where you're going -- as well as a chance to share what you've done with your honey.

Leo: It's like dancing with a mirror. The disorientation comes when you think too hard about how the reflection gets that way. Let go of the stuff in your frontal lobes, and try sinking into the desirable actions. You'll see that you can have it all by spreading it around. Call a Taurus.

Virgo: It's not destiny so much as it is the cumulative and unavoidable collection of layered experiences. You get what you expect in part, and in part you make your expectations real through your beliefs. What would you rather believe and have come true? Who will you tell?

Libra: You feel special. You're lit with dark awareness. It's the kind of thing that you can't quite articulate, and yet there it is in the corner of your mind's eye. Let that thought gestate a while longer. It's still developing at a furious rate. You'll know when it's time to share.

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Scorpio: It's hard times all the way around. Nothing's easy. Nothing's cut and dried. And why on earth are you allowing all that negative messaging to get to you? You're smarter and also tougher than that. Suck it up; it's time to deal with what's on your plate. Count your victories.

Sagittarius: What can you hear as you listen so intently? What news? What piece or set of information that may radically alter your perception of possible reality? Are you ready for the implications to sink in? You'd be responsible for what else might happen if you say yes now.

Capricorn: Don't believe the hype. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. There's a fresh wave of flim-flam in the air. You're too smart to fall for that easy line. You're way too practical to believe in that kind of a fairy tale short-cut. Give yourself props for going all out.

Aquarius: The consequences of those actions put into motion now are hard to fathom, and may take a while to play out. Happily, it's all good if you acted for the greater good and your individual desire to see the world a better place by taking care of your own slice of it. Laugh.

Pisces: Do what you need to do. You heard the truth while you slept, and you may trust in the usefulness of what you learned then and there. Even if it was all in your imagination, the ideas themselves are sterling in their character. You'll do best to wait until Monday for the talk.

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