March 6-12, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 6, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: Change is in the air. Change is in the weather. The change is more natural and more sweeping than we may suspect. Gather up your courage and your hopes, now is the time to set the grand play for passion or power into motion. Give yourself the time you require to fine-tune your strategy-but don't dilly-dally. You have too much to do and too far to go to linger in the shallows of your quest. Cosmetic changes point to deeper shifts. Follow the money to find the truth.

Aries: You're trammeled by a preponderance of old business. That stuff is still on the agenda, still on the table. Is it time to achieve resolution of one kind or another? Call a meeting of the facets of your soul to create consensus. Once you make peace with your will, anything's true.

Taurus: You hate having to hurry. You hate having to stress. Stop procrastinating and you'll have more time than you know how to burn to get the problem resolved. Promise yourself to listen to your subconscious without becoming distracted. You'll be back on track in a trice.

Gemini: It's not your business, but you can't resist getting involved to hilt. Is this because you're avoiding the mess in your own demesne? Take inventory within. You'll find you have the means to fulfill wishes made in near-infancy. Soar with eagles: trust in your intuitions.

Cancer: All of a sudden, the winter blahs are achieving closure faster than you can say, ''spring wardrobe! '' Retail therapy may be part of the solution -- but only if you have a target. And only if it will help you to become the best-of-all-possible-selves within one lunar cycle.

Leo: It's tempting to look ahead and keep your eyes fixed on the shining horizon. But you owe something to your roots, and are too smart to defer the accruing interest on that psychic debt for much longer. Center within and take time to catch up with the Still Small Voice. Hear.

Virgo: It's not your fault. Luckily, you have the community on your side. Finally, the damned, disjointed creature is getting itself together to take and make a stand. The results won't be all you've hoped for, but they will get you out of this box and onto the next part of your journey.

Libra: Decisions, decisions, everywhere and not a choice amongst 'em. As it turns out, they may be more to your tastes than you can imagine from where you now stand. If there's a change in your household composition, go with the flow. Don't wait to call the plumber.

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Scorpio: Ready for a brand-new you? Tired of the old one? You can't trade in your soul to get a persona more likable and malleable. But you can resolve to soften the old one in the brine of your experiences and deepening wisdom. Make the most of what you already possess.

Sagittarius: Look both ways (within and without) before you cross. Think twice before you commit. There's a spirit of treacherous joy loose in the world. It's dangerous, because hope might motivate you up and out and away from all that used to be an undeniable adventure.

Capricorn: Consternation may set in as you review your progress thus far. You'd thought you were further along than this. Yet you've got a great understanding of all that you require to get the job done. Rejoice in your comprehension. Feel your imminent victory. Transform now.

Aquarius: It's not what you say, it's what you do. You need to prove your integrity and your commitment with your actions. You need to get off the dime and make your home life the sacred space and time that you so richly deserve. You might even up the ante and go for joy.

Pisces: Tragedy is easy, comedy is hard. Challenge yourself to laugh. Challenge yourself hear every side of the argument and synthesize them into one final summation. Your internal year begins now. The signature of this cycle will inform all that is to come. Play for keeps Friday.

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