March 13-19, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 13, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: It's not what you thought it was, but if you'd had your feelers out you'd be less surprised and less at sixes and sevens. Rise above the unexpected sideways nature of this cycle to get the most out of it. Or sink well in and roll in it until you're immersed and every orifice is filled with the etheric liquids of the ineffable. Once you've given in, you'll find that all your actions fall into place and everything is copacetic. Consider cutting others the slack you'd like for yourself.

Aries: Don't look up -- look around. The game is everywhere but in the air this time. You might pay more attention to your feet. You may begin to wonder what's under them, and how deep it all goes. Don't give up because you feel silly. Your intuitions are right on. You've got game.

Taurus: You don't have to do this the hard way. You don't have to bleed for the cause. You don't have to do anything but turn on the charm and let 'er rip. The world is ready to fall at your feet in the early part of the week. Don't procrastinate or you could lose your momentum.

Gemini: Call it in the air, but never take your eyes off your opponent. You know the drill forwards and backwards. You know the lay of the land, blindfolded. Peak performance is a given. What will you do with all these skills? How will you prove that you're still the one? Go!

Cancer: Now is not the time to shilly-shally or dilly-dally. You've got other fish to fry. Don't go getting distracted over the non-essentials. They're not there for you. Keep your laser-like vision going strong -- you've got eyes in the back of your head on this one.

Leo: It's a dance. You can't see your partner, but you're not alone. Follow the steps, and be sure to practice the rhythms. Don't try to customize until you've got the basics lodged in the base of your spine. When you know the drill cold, it'll be time to turn up the heat. Wow 'em!

Virgo: Destiny takes shapes both large and small, impressive and insignificant. Don't wait for a bolt to fall from the blue. It's not that kind of epiphany. Instead, find the eternal in the tiny details and the insignificant addenda. Once you've sharpened your perceptions, you're on it.

Libra: Heaven can help with this. But you have to let go of your ''desired'' outcomes and take a chance on the big picture reaching farther in its intentions than you ever could. Once you're there, you'll find the transition to greatness nearly effortless. Wear blue on Friday.

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Scorpio: The longer you look, the less you'll see. Let it go and get on with what's right in front of you. There will be lots of time to meditate on the subtle and to make plots to thwart the mechanisms of eternity. Pretend you're on a desert island and only bring the essentials.

Sagittarius: How much is enough? When will you have your fill? When will you decide that you've reached your cut-off point? Can you do any of this without falling prey to the urge to judge yourself? Why is it so hard to relax and have some fun? Loosen up with a little karaoke.

Capricorn: If you please yourself in your endeavors, others will fall right into line. It's terribly risky to believe that if you like it everybody else will have no choice but to concur. Allow yourself to go there. Allow yourself to apply faith to the manifest world.

Aquarius: The times aren't so much a-changin' as they are a-mutatin'. Is it the increased radiation of conscious regard? Is it the long-term exposure to so many cell phone hours? Use your inner Holmes to solve an irrelevant mystery pointing to concrete information, wisdom.

Pisces: You are where you want to be. Your choices are changing as your perception of them shifts. Are you growing taller, like Alice? Will you make to the other side of the board and become a Queen, as she did? It takes luck and drive and vision and planning. You can do it.

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