March 27-April 2, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 27, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: You knew what you were getting into, but weren't into dialoguing with your inner parent on the day. Does this mean that you have to tell yourself that you told you so? It's not the end of the world, though it shares some karmic shifts with that apocalyptic concept. Go deep to find a message fresh enough to carry you into the burgeoning season. You'll know what you really want at the last minute. Will the circumstances permit your satisfaction? Go for broke on Saturday.

Aries: Can you remember how you got started down this path? Can you remember what you secretly promised yourself at the time? Is it time to come clean? Is it time to get real? Ask a friend to tell you -- you won't like what you hear, but you'll be the better for hearing it. Try it.

Taurus: Ask yourself if you're better off now than you were two years ago. This isn't about regret, it's about forward motion. You'll get there, and it will have been worth the trip. Let your life speak and you'll find that your heart chakra opens like a lotus in moonlight. Rejoice.

Gemini: Is it time to quit? Is it time to give up? Is it time to release? You still don't have to know the answer to these questions. You do have to take responsibility for how much this procrastination is costing your self, let alone others. Don't be grim, wear bold stripes Tuesday.

Cancer: It isn't your problem, but you've got yourself entangled in it. Will you fight your way out, or wait to be rescued? Only your inner healer knows the probable future this time. Listen to your own good advice. Resolve to take the next step when you're feeling lucky.

Leo: Tell me you didn't just go there. And in public? And by accident? You don't usually play the prat-fall clown. This is not your regular role. Could you play it off as intentional, and crafty with it? Don't pretend to fine irony for any longer than you must. Consult with a Libra.

Virgo: How long has it been? Actually, there are miracles in formative states all around you. But if you can't find the good, however unprepossessing the circumstances or landscape, you're apt to miss the riches and inner benefits that could already be yours. Stay the course.

Libra: Readier to hide than to walk like an Egyptian? It might be that kind of a week. But you have choices. You can choose the sofa, the internet, or even the park. There are all kinds of places where you're invisible for all intents and purposes. Hide in plain sight for bonus points!

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Scorpio: Let go and let yourself free fall out of your rut and into a world turned upside down. Like any major shift in perspective, there will be growing pains. But you're tough enough to feel the burn and like it. Call on a Capricorn to get the skinny on your next best investment.

Sagittarius: Is it sense that drives you, or sentimentality? You need to pick a point of view and try to hold it until you can manage its implications. Once you've gotten that far, you're free to take a different stance altogether, but with the same stricture as before. You knew?

Capricorn: You weren't wrong, and you're still not. You don't have to believe everything you hear, and you have to believe that there's more to it than what you'll ever hear. Can you trust these circumstances? Is it still your turn? Consider your five-year plan before taking action.

Aquarius: It's a form of self-defense. It looks like the opposite, but that's where it gets all tricky and Art of War-ish. You're clever enough to look three moves ahead and take those variables into account. Go with the conservative estimate and you'll be grateful soon enough.

Pisces: Take the extra time you'll need to mind your Ps and tend to your Qs. There's a lot swirling around on all different levels presently, and you need to allow yourself to watch and join by dint of your own inner rhythm. Haste makes waste, so saunter with impunity Sunday.

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