April 10-16, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on April 10, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You'll say what you have to say with feeling. You'll feel what you have to feel with turbo-charged intensity. You'll drive home for yourself the message that what you want and what you're willing to do about any given desire might not be the same thing. Tempted to act rashly? Go right ahead. You'll either teach yourself a useful life-lesson, or you'll succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Pony up when your turn comes to eat crow. There's enough blame to go around for every single body.

Aries: Destiny has an aspect both fierce and lovely in the coming cycle. Use your sixth sense to find the key to your desires buried in an old emotional fall-out shelter. If you're both brave and honest, you'll accomplish what really matters. Give that Cancer buddy a second chance.

Taurus: Pocket the change, but jingle it with intention. There's a matter in the material world which calls out for an application of spiritual juju to find its best-of-all-possible solutions. Hear the birds, remember your dreams, go shopping for a means of recycling your cast-offs. Dig.

Gemini: You're the best at puzzles and conundrums. Find four separate and correct answers to anything that stymies you at the moment. In some combination of those, or a quintessential version arising from your conscious application, you'll find exactly the right path to tread.

Cancer: The heat is on, but you've got game and you're not afraid to play it. Fluidity of strategy has long been your hall-mark. It's not just the road you choose to walk. It's also the force with which you choose to walk it. Practice restraint as much as you act for progress.

Leo: Persuade yourself, using all your legendary charm, to get on with it. You're done with delay. Choose to do and you'll be choosing well. Choose to act on a plan and your success is almost certain. Choose to listen to the doubting voices within and you may grind to a halt.

Virgo: You're persistent in your wish to see your community a place as warm and safe as it is attractive and value conscious. Ask yourself if your goals would be easier to achieve if you were in a different location. Ask yourself if you want the model or the reality. Assess positions.

Libra: Take the point as offered and apply it with some care. You're lucky someone else has your best interests at heart. Be sure to show your gratitude for the eleventh hour miracle. These gifts take a lot of juice. You'll need to begin plotting how to pass your good fortune on.

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Scorpio: Whether the weather is fine or fierce, you'll be more able to get on with the tasks at hand by grasping the key to your spiritual engagement in this undertaking. Once you do so, whether through application or epiphany, all the rough, up hill work will dissolve into a delight.

Sagittarius: Given all you know and all you're ready to do, it's interesting to see you still have some trouble getting out of bed. What's up? You'll find it more easily decided on than done to stop procrastinating. Could there be a greater cosmic reason for the delay? Watch for signs.

Capricorn: You can't resist picking at the mortar holding the keystone of the arch in place. You can't resist jiggling the photographer's elbow when the historic poses are taken. You can't resist finding that loose thread and pulling until the entire sleeve falls off.

Aquarius: It would have been a piece of cake, but then the Hydra-headed problems on the domestic front reared up and took the stage, front and center. You won't be a contender this time around. You're not ready to compromise enough to play ball with the goombas. Reflect.

Pisces: It wouldn't be the first time, and it won't be the last. You've got a lot on your emotional plate this very second, and some of it isn't easy to choke down without a lot of pre-digestion. Get on with your next creative effort. A fresh focus will spread across your life.

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