May 1-7, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on May 1, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Practicality and sentiment wage war within you. Will you succumb to nostalgia and give it up for the warm fuzzies? Will you harden your heart in the fire of your ambitions and march forward without further considerations? These may be extremes, but they are the choices to which your flesh is heir. In these interesting times, our choices bear complicated price tags. Take the time to read through the fine print before you approach the cash-wrap. Once you've made your choice, have it gift-wrapped, in order to share.

Aries: You've heard the rumors. You've acquainted yourself with the terrain. You've scouted the region personally. Do you have the self-command to hold your troops until you're close enough for a meaningful engagement? Do you have the strategy to control your outcomes?

Taurus: It might be all about you, but if it is your things are the proxy through which you can experience all that may be. Use your hardcore groundedness to hang on to the values you want to carry forward. Use your self-awareness to measure your progress. Wear more blue.

Gemini: You've remembered what you'd forgotten. Was it a kiss of enchantment? Did it go both ways? Do you? Where have you been keeping yourself all this time? Asleep in a tower? You may already be a winner, but you'll have to choose to wake up and take some chances.

Cancer: Walk the talk and you'll win kudos far and near. You're ready to do whatever it takes, so long as it doesn't take compassion or indirect action. You've been waiting for so long to get the show on the road. Can you wait another minute, or will you be thrown off schedule?

Leo: Intelligent design is what you look for in upholstery fabric, not in the web of life. You know this, but superstition has a hold on you, and you're waiting for proof of.... Whatever it is, you know the truth is out there. Convince yourself before you try to convert any others.

Virgo: Persistence and perseverance will see you through. You already know this truth. It bears repeating, as will most of what goes down later in the week. It's your turn to enjoy the good things in life. Will you make time for yourself? You can't run like that forever, can you?

Libra: Delightful is as delightful does. You may need to update your definitions and your best practices if you're hoping to charm the veritable birds from the proverbial trees (or vice versa). Sometimes the best thing to do is leave the situation alone to ripen, like rising bread.

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Scorpio: You long for the best. You'll settle for whatever reality's pitching. There's still a choice in there-even if you choose under duress. Don't sulk, you wanted to be able to make this choice. You just didn't get to choose when to choose. Rejoice in the alternatives Friday.

Sagittarius: You've come under a lot of criticism. Some of it is earned; some of it is more than a little displaced. It might be your happy-go-lucky nature drawing the fire. It might be your devil-may-care attitude towards those recent, fraught events. Find a happy medium soon.

Capricorn: It's time. You've been stuck like a mastodon in ice. Now the great melting is upon you and you're finally freed to do the next great thing. You've got some lost ground to cover, and then you'll be back up to par and in fighting trim. Let the sky be the limit on Saturday.

Aquarius: You remember some of what happened in icy clarity. Parts of it have slipped away as completely as if they were a dream. What's relevant here is your memories may not match to the point in question as completely as you might wish. Let others fill in the blanks for you.

Pisces: Watch the tides. Watch the trees. It's the peak of the season of beginnings. Are you set on the course you've chosen? Are you farther now towards your Shangri-La than you've ever been? If not, correct your trajectory and adjust your astrolabe. You'll get there in time.

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