May 8-14, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on May 8, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It was darkest before the dawn, but the light has spread like honey on warm toast. It's time to forget how grim things have been and to celebrate how much better they'll be from here on out. It's time to roll in sensual stimulation. It's time to get real, and to spend more time in face-time and real-time situations. Let spring surge through your blood and drown out the empty longings of winter. Fill yourself with reality. You'll find it's less fattening than you'd been warned.

Aries: You're not wrong to take action. But you may not have decided on the right order for the actions you're intent on taking. Go back over your plan. Make a plan, if need be. Use your strategic mind--borrow the gifts of another if you're not certain of your analyses. Play hard.

Taurus: Use your listening skills to get to the bottom of the brouhaha. It's not as tough as it might seem. You have the abilities you need to lead armies if necessary. Certainly you can take care of one little domestic concern. Bring patience to the table, and share it with others.

Gemini: You're not the first one to come to such a decision. You won't be the last. You have history to draw from and the anecdotes of your cronies too. You're dragging your feet, but that's not a surprise. You're rightfully concerned about the parts you don't control. Think.

Cancer: If it were easier, it wouldn't call to you as it does. You prefer the challenge. You prefer the danger. You prefer to immerse yourself in something so demanding in order to forget yourself. Is this the French Foreign Legion of the mind? Is there a safe memory here?

Leo: Call on your heroes. Call on your ancestors. Call on your peers. Whatever you do, don't try this alone. It's not that you couldn't, it's that you don't have to. You have a crack support team. Use them to the top of your bent. Find the big picture, and abstract it to your benefit.

Virgo: There's power in naming things. You can give names to what you want to remember and erase names from what you want to forget. By renaming, you can change the balance of power, perceived and real alike. Are you ready to create your successful version of reality?

Libra: When and where and how are less important than the 'who' of the matter at hand. Drop the non-essentials in order to focus on the core. Family-of-origin material calls out like fatal sirens from the rocks of self-doubt. Stuff cotton in your ears, and keep moving forward.

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Scorpio: Felicity wears many faces. Some are easier to parse than others. If you don't expect help, you won't notice when there's aid abounding. So reposition yourself to expect and to accept any aid coming your way. Unlikely sources will be likeliest this silly cycle. Wear pink.

Sagittarius: It's not easy for you to step back and let someone else take the spotlight. But it's not your turn to run this part of the show. Let another take charge and take credit. You're saving up to call in all your favors further down the line. And you want this one to owe you.

Capricorn: The greatness incubating inside you gets another reprieve. You don't have to reveal your essential nature just yet, if you're not convinced of the timing. You have more on your side than you've yet recognized, but the truth can't be hurried. Rest hard on Friday.

Aquarius: It's not so much a matter of what you want as it is a matter of what you can't avoid any more. You've put off taking care of this part of the business because it makes you more than a little nervous. OK. Accept your nerves, accept advice, accept assistance Sunday.

Pisces: It's more than a walk on the wild side. It's more like an extended anthropological expedition into the heart of weirdness. And who better to lead this unusual fact finding mission than your own intrepid self? Pack light. Pack for adventure. Pack the unexpected.

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