May 29-June 4, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on May 29, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: In myths, Power usually chases and seduces Beauty. This time there's some role reversal. Do what it takes to land Prince Charming. Go where you must, and undertake the difficult with a will and the impossible with good cheer. This isn't just New Age gobbledygook. At this time and place, those are your best offensive weapons. If you can't whistle while you work, try hand-jive on your lunch breaks, take a spoonful of sugar and get on with making the most of your life.

Aries: Busy is one solution to your present dilemma of too much energy and no means of spending it on the purpose for which you created it. Double check your math assumptions, pat down your pockets -- twice. Insist on others repeating back the verbals. It'll save time.

Taurus: You weren't going to go there in the first place, but someone's playing hard ball -- and you're not in the mood to back down. What's at stake is your own package of values and sentiments. You don't have to justify these choices. Do you need another point of egress?

Gemini: It's confusing to have so many competing goals and so many irons in the fire and so many people jostling for your attention. When are you going to get any sleep? Hold onto your happy thought and leave extra time for patching miscommunications on Monday. Go forth!

Cancer: You could wait out the hustle and bustle from the safety of your traveling home. You could hide under the covers and find the solution in a dream you might not otherwise have experienced. There's serendipity in the air, but you'll have to be brave and let it take over.

Leo: It's not what you want, when you wanted it. Those are facts. But there's something here for you which you might never have found but for all this four-door-farce confusion. Let the silly times roll and you'll be all the brighter for exposing yourself to utter nonsense.

Virgo: Are you lucky? Not in any straightforward meaning, no. But who can deny you land on your feet, time and again. It might be at the eleventh hour (not inappropriate considering your penchant for procrastination), but your bacon will be pulled from the fire just in time.

Libra: It is the cause gripping you so tightly. You can make it. You can satisfy your honor and still have the focus to dot your eyes and cross your tees. But you're going to have to start early, go carefully and manage to render good deeds along the way. Wear shining armor.

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Scorpio: Simplicity might be the obvious solution. The one staring you in the face like you're in an arm-wrestling contest. But you don't care for the obvious, and you're not likely to fall prey to such a foolish concept. Could you trick yourself into doing something straightforward?

Sagittarius: So you feel like you know which end is up, which side your bread is buttered on and who's got the jam. Good for you. But I would review core assumptions before I went much further. You'd be surprised what you can learn by asking instead of telling. Be light.

Capricorn: The change of pace and location has you all a-fluster. You're working out how to find your new rhythms and your best strategies from a different view point altogether. Don't sweat the adaptation: soak in it instead. You'll find what you didn't know was lost Saturday.

Aquarius: Beliefs are made to be challenged. Life is made to be a challenge. Think yourself out of the box by starting from nowhere and using nothing familiar from your tool-kit. This mental makeover will serve you in the interesting month to come. Redecorate with stripes.

Pisces: You're a-goggle and a-giggle. It's like being 8 all over again. Is it a crush? A rivalry? An ambition, yet unformed? You don't know and you're not telling. Enjoy the fab endorphins coursing through your system. Get lots done while staring vacantly. Date Libra.

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