June 19-25, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on June 19, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Not only will you survive, you will achieve and leave a unique footprint. But first you have to get through the day-to-day catastrophes and running as hard as you can to stay in one place. Whether you do so with grace or by the skin of your teeth is largely up to you. Take advice where you can get it, weigh it judiciously, then keep what works and let the rest go. Move forward with confidence--an unusual direction might be all to the good.

Aries: This is an ending of the sort that clears the way for new beginnings. There's a harvest of ideas and philosophies and theories you've outgrown, but still need to keep in storage. Enjoin yourself to a new form of art. Require transformation of yourself at the molecular level.

Taurus: You're not in a hurry by all accounts. But there are an ungodly number of things desperately requiring your immediate personal attention. Don't rush through making a list. Early triage will solve most of the crunch early. Give yourself a treat Saturday afternoon.

Gemini: With a larger vision, all things are possible. This is only true if you can avoid the distractions inherent in all the myriad details crowded into the big picture. Get organized or get an organizer. Either way, it's past time to thin down the herd. Find your inner Darwin.

Cancer: While the home front is always with you, ''things are more like they are now than they've ever been'' (thanx Ron Reagan), in a big way. Can you love what you love enough to love it all the time? These ambiguities require all of your utmost ingenuity and application.

Leo: You could be so carried away. And it would be fun. And it's been awhile since you really let your hair down and had this good a time. But. There's still all the stuff you've committed to. And all the people counting on you to be who you are when you say you will. Remember?

Virgo: It's not as sticky a problem as it was the last time you looked at it. Now add the right technology support and you'll find that you can crank it out with hardly any damage at all to the deadline. Domesticity may be outlet for unprocessed emotional garbage. Keep cleaning!

Libra: Respect is one thing. There are ethics beyond even that which you believe are in play. Is it really complicated, or do you prefer the challenging layers of obligations and morals and contexts? Learn more about Feng Shui to sort out the chaos under your roof. Work with blue.

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Scorpio: You're pert, perky and ready to call it a day anyway. If your focus is diffuse, work on another project until your vision is refreshed. Your sneaking suspicions can be fulfilled if you just investigate deeply enough, right? Watch what it is you pray for, you might get it.

Sagittarius: This isn't how you'd thought it would be, when you thought it out so carefully. You're too far into the process to back out of it gracefully. You just have to go on and mend on the path, step by step. The going is slow now, so that it might be smooth down the way.

Capricorn: Is life slightly out of joint? Do pieces of the present fit only jaggedly against the past and the possible future? You can work like this, but you'll be more comfortable if you take the time to smooth down the rough edges through examination and reflection. Try.

Aquarius: Pensive is as pensive does. You might just be sulking if you haven't actually said anything in a day or two. Give yourself permission to unbend and to hear the other side without prejudice. Give yourself permission to take a more humanitarian approach next time.

Pisces: Timing is everything. You can do less and get farther with that one simple maxim. You can have more and enjoy it more with nearly all your resources intact if you only will put some planning into your spending. Practice what you preach and you will lead by example.

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