July 24-30, 2008

Carrie Megginson
Published on July 24, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Did all that murk spontaneously clear up? Was it something somebody said? Or did? It's hard to know why everything seems so much brighter all of a sudden. But if it is--and it is--it behooves you to get on with making hay while the sun shines. This is the best of times for bringing into fruition that which you have dreamed of for long months. This is when it can all go down with clarity, force and even charm, if the situation demands.

Aries: You're still a contender, and the arena's not too different from how you remember it. You can be the winner who takes all, and you can do so with aplomb and panache. It would be well to be gracious as you crush your enemies beneath the wheels of your victory chariot.

Taurus: You used to be endlessly able. You used to have bottomless funds of tenacity. You used to stay out dancing 'til every hour. Lately, none of those things seems like they're still in your current repertoire. But you underestimate your ability to bounce back and reap rewards.

Gemini: Look before you speak. There may be a tantalizing visual cue that could break the whole case wide open for you. Don't forget to pay close attention. The physical details of the situation are calling out for your analysis and interpretation. Take a long lunch on Friday.

Cancer: It's not a bird or a plane up in the air. In fact, the help you want is of a chthonic sort: You want what comes from deep, down below and within. If you can't identify with that statement, you may need to reassess your solution to the current set of conditions. Rethink.

Leo: You're better than the rest of the field. You don't have to be shy about believing this to be true. But you do have to put up or shut up if you're directly challenged. You've minded your Ps and Qs long enough. Now it's time to dot every i and cross your Ts. Work.

Virgo: You would be happier if you could trust the effort you put in would be equivalent to the satisfaction you derived therefrom. As it turns out, you might fret less in order to enjoy more. You have every likelihood of short-term success, leading to long-term accomplishment.

Libra: It didn't have to be you, but it was. And now it is. And without you, the whole thing might well fall apart. You've woven yourself into the fabric of being. You're integral to the Circle of Life in which you make yourself known and felt. You're not an innocent bystander.

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Scorpio: This isn't as complicated as you're trying to make out. In fact, anyone with the sword of reason close to hand might slash through the confabulations of your emotional Gordian knot. Would you prefer to retain control of the situation? Do your own dirty work.

Sagittarius: You try a few times and call it good, whatever the eventual outcome. This is where the test of your true grit comes into play. No matter the temptation to run away, hang tough long enough for the dust settle from the impending implosion. You may or may not have earned it....

Capricorn: Walking the talk is second nature to you. You're puzzled at how others have become deeply moved and motivated by your simple plan and subsequent actions. You're never more attractive than when you're doing what you promised on a reasonable timeline.

Aquarius: It's not the heat, it's the humidity. You don't have to kill the next person to say it. Instead, remove yourself from the overarching condition and free your mind from its pre-occupation with the banal and repetitive. Sink your teeth into something concrete mid-week.

Pisces: Look over around and through. You'll see what there is to see, and then you'll remind yourself of what it was you expected from this extra attention to the matter at hand. You'll be rewarded in a manner as touching as it is innocent of strings attached. Are you that free?

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