August 7-13, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 7, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: Isn't it ready yet? Are we there yet? Is it time? Maybe you've waited patiently enough, long enough. Maybe you're whiny as hell and rushing your fences. But there's this irresistible urge to go for what you want. Desire is in play -- the kind Buddhists work on, more so than the sort popular in the daytime stories. If you're going to risk being attached to your perceived life, could you also conceive of bettering it? Yeah, perfection is a frame of mind -- either live it or get it!

Aries: So much to get started on now that conditions are ideal. Like ol' Merv there, you can't do this alone. What tactics will you employ to see your will made manifest in the shared parts of your life? Will you sneak around, or could you flaunt your intentions with impunity? Ponder.

Taurus: If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and dances like duck, you need to get a better gig -- and in the performing arts, no less. Do reconsider right down to the ground every last core assumption you can lay your hands on. Digging deeper will be greatly rewarded.

Gemini: Distance might be key. But it could be profundity of commitment, thought and action which truly reaps the desirable benefits of application. You'll want to research your primary communication mode to see if it still meets your needs better than the other options. Climb.

Cancer: Suspense is what you make of it. You have a burning passion and an insurmountable hunger. You will go there and do what's necessary to achieve this personal Holy Grail. Oddly, we're probably talking about BBQ or pho or hand-packed ice cream. Try off the beaten path.

Leo: Substance used to be your forte. But these days, you find yourself on shrinking turf, not unlike the polar bears. If you're losing the ego-ground on which you used to stand four-square, then this might be the time to invest in a deep psychic overhaul. Gestalt? Freud?

Virgo: You can accommodate practically anything when you get down to brass tacks. But should you have to? That's the question. 'Tis nobler to keep yourself sane, just in case your rare condition is contagious. Vote the weakest link off the island to maintain your course.

Libra: It might have been innocent when you got started, but where are you now? Has the number of people to whom you might admit this latest foible grown or shrunk? What price would you pay, and to whom would you pay it to release yourself from the consequences?

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Scorpio: Once again, you amaze your friends and confound your enemies with the inevitable transformation of being and nothingness, which you perfected oh-so long ago. Would you flourish or rot if you stayed the same? Focus harder after the weekend. Eight Ball says ''No.''

Sagittarius: Calm yourself sufficiently to remember your dreams. Not only will they be more intense than usual, but there's a message buried in the random images pertaining to right here and now, as well as the desirable future. Do yourself a favor and take good notes.

Capricorn: Listless? Restless? A touch paranoid? It's maybe not just your imagination. Maybe the neighbors/co-workers/service people are all in your business. If this is true, is it a hint for you to reevaluate what you have and where it's going and in what company for how long?

Aquarius: Present yourself with a terrific reward. You've done a really good job. You've busted your hump when others took undeclared holidays. You held the fort until the cavalry arrived. But now you're a hero emeritus -- only as good as your last act of daring-do. Hmmm.

Pisces: Persistence is the hobgoblin of narrow perspectives. Are you therefore condoned in your flighty and somewhat erratic path? Philosophy and spirituality draw you almost as much as your favorite court-procedural TV show. Walk empty into nature to get properly filled.

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