September 18-24, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 18, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: What's done is done, right? Well, yes and no -- in this case. Envision for yourself what it is that you might go back and do over, try again or erase with finesse. There could be more reasonable options than the unreasonable premise might suggest at first glance. Take up arms against your sea of troubles. You have right on your side, and the ideals to make you almost invulnerable. Is it time to go shopping for something to protect that troublesome Achilles heel?

Aries: It's not a contest, but you can't help competing. It's not an argument, but you insist on winning. It's not a judgment, but you're in the right. These things are true. Your intention is without malice. Your self-control is not all it might be. Shape up or ship out.

Taurus: Your heart is in the right place. Your ability to have others understand your perspective is tops. Yet you want more, much more. What can you do to receive your much anticipated, much delayed vindication? You won't get it by sulking. Try direct canvassing, one opinion at a time.

Gemini: You're talking and you won't shut up. You know where all the bodies are buried and who's got the jam. You're ready for the big time, and you'll prove it with your acumen and insider knowledge. But what if some things are best kept quiet? What about discretion? Think!

Cancer: Simplicity is where you find it. You won't be finding much, but you can plan towards building in this cherished quality. To what life changes might you commit in order to form a more perfect union with your ideals? What visions might you renounce or remake? Ask a Scorpio.

Leo: Is it decision time again? And you without your entourage of expert advisers. Will you play lord of the jungle and just roar until you get your way? Will you stomp and fuss and break things? Or could you just turn up the wattage on your famous charm? Plan.

Virgo: It isn't where you stand, it's what you do there. It isn't who you know, it's how you get the word out. It isn't what you thought, there's so much more in play. Find the core of the matter and build on that. Call out the troops, call in the specialists.

Libra: Take a walk on the wild side. Disagree with your peers. Pick at the opinions of your superiors. Counsel unorthodoxy to your charges. Do what you may or might to stir the pot. The world is on the cusp of change and you could be part of the solution.

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Scorpio: It's not mere sensitivity, though you're entitled to be sensitive. It's not mere sentiment, though you've earned your stripes there, too. It's all that and more. Suck it up and get with the proposed program. Your cooperation earns the points you'll want later.

Sagittarius: Blessings in disguise flock around you like pigeons dressed as ghosts for an early Halloween. Keep your eyes open for the trick embedded in the treat. Once you get the hand of the adjusted rhythm, you'll be back on top of your game and good to go the distance.

Capricorn: You could stand around talking about it 'til hell froze over. You could speculate until the moon became green cheese. Or you could rally your forces and marshal your resources and get on with whatever it is that comes next. You have the talent, the support and the will. Do it.

Aquarius: If it were so easy as all that, you wouldn't maintain your interest. Admit some of your fascination comes from the difficulty of the matter at hand, and then move on to solving your mountainous problem. If you feel stuck, you might call on a Gemini to reassess your issue.

Pisces: It's complicated being you. It's complicated standing up for right when the world operates on expediency. It's a positive snarl working through the compromises and promises to get the end results of your decisions. Respect and communication keep it all ticking over.

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