October 9-15, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on October 9, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: When the going gets tough -- and it's been tough -- the tough get tougher. Admire your new calluses, whether they be on your hands or your heart, and get on with the business of getting 'er done. You're closer than you can perceive from this vantage point. It's the tricky atmosphere -- or perhaps the treacherous terrain. In any case, you have the chops and the smarts and the willpower to see you through. Don't allow coldness to stand in for staunchness. You know better than that.

Aries: You love to walk the walk. It beats the heck out of standing around with your parts in your hand. Only make sure you've tied your shoelaces properly and put your socks on first. Now you're really ready to get out there and show 'em how you do it with confidence. Strut.

Taurus: Hang onto your hat, you're in for a bumpy ride. If you're stomach is not too full of all the crow you've recently had to eat, you shouldn't even feel nauseated by the experience. The seas calm and the weather clears by Tuesday. Plan for the future with extra optimism.

Gemini: It wasn't your fault, and you said so at the time. Was no one listening? Did they assume you were fitting the story to the listener? Never mind, your honor isn't smirched and you'll soon be taking baby steps in the formerly forbidden right direction. Go with pride.

Cancer: Unplug your ears. The news is both unexpected and very welcome. It won't come until the 11th hour, but come it will. Call 'em like you see 'em, with the understanding that others will come to your point of view before it's entirely too late. Shop on Wednesday.

Leo: You gave at the office. You put out at home. You can't stop being what everyone wants and/or needs; but you're bleeding out faster than you can replace your resources at this point. When was the last time you did something selfish? It's that time again. Go for broke.

Virgo: Since you asked, this too shall pass. Further, the check is indeed in the mail. You'll even find out why it took so long to arrive. Keep a smile on your face and the whine out of your voice, and you'll have more concrete assistance than you ever dreamed possible.

Libra: What with one thing and another, you're exhausted and not even halfway there. Okay, it's time for a strategy session. Call in your most ruthless cronies to help you weasel your way through and out of this one. If the solution isn't devious, it's not worthy of your problem.

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Scorpio: You'd like to complain, but it all traces back to you pretty clearly. You'd like to dodge the assignment, but there's no one else with the skills. You'd like to let the chips fall where they may, but you have too much riding on the outcome in the long term. Man up; ride out.

Sagittarius: Simplicity is for simpletons. Sometimes, it's also for those who let the ball drop and are having the devil's own time picking it back up and moving forward. Count to 10 and don't think of a rabbit. Then do one thing at a time-carefully. Once you have the pattern....

Capricorn: See Dick run. Run Dick, run. Run from the funny people. Run, run, run. Or turn and face the problem head on with your dignity and pride as your armor and your shield. You're not a bad person; you're just fed up and over it. Admit that you have choices Monday.

Aquarius: Natural consequences sound like a good way to handle discipline until the shoe is on the other foot. It doesn't have the same margin of justness once justice is administered in this impartial, unmerciful fashion. Let your grievance go and open your mind to the other side.

Pisces: You want what you want, when you want it-and you only want it for the greater good. How comforting for you...but what about the other side of the coin? Is there another story associated with your point of view? Can absolutism triumph absolutely? Reflect honestly.

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