October 23-29, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on October 23, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's been a bumpy ride, lately -- and there's little smooth sailing ahead. Embrace your metaphysical extreme athlete, if you're ready for the cutting edge of wild and woolly you have to look forward to. Equally, don't forget to do your inner warm-ups: Stretch your definitions, flex your compassion, and rotate your point of view. The more limber you are on the spiritual level, the better your chances of learning from these interesting times rather than merely surviving them. Prepare for the unexpected Saturday.

Aries: If you've chosen to take a walk on the wild side, it might be wise to bring a GPS along so that you have options once your feet are tired and your mind is worn out. If you pack a lunch, you'll be able to stay out longer. Wear a smile.

Taurus: Look, but don't touch (unless you know for a fact that you can bring it home with you). Think twice before getting too involved, buyer's remorse might be a bridge too far in this action-packed week. Pace yourself in order to get the most from Sunday. Call Leo.

Gemini: It was easier, once upon a time. It was more colorful, back in the day. It was simpler, when your soul and brain were more elementary. Now you're all grown up and so is the world around you. Use your maturity to reevaluate your position and decisions.

Cancer: What you want, when you want it would be optimal, but what will you do if you're facing reality? You could whine and pout, but those skills don't show you to your best advantage. If you employ compassion and empathy, you could come out further on top than you suppose.

Leo: It's a brave, new world and there's lots to see and do. Strap your skates on and get with the flow of things as early as you can haul your parts out into the fully interactive world. You've got the technology, you can make yourself stronger and faster alike.

Virgo: Wherever you go, there you are. Sometimes the view from inside is lovely, sometimes it's frightening, sometimes it's only confusing. But it won't go away without your girding up your loins and taking the matter firmly in hand. Cut the slack fat and juicy on Friday.

Libra: What would you do differently if you could roll back the clock? Whom would you call if you had unlimited access? Where would you go if you could be anywhere instantaneously? The clues to the future are buried in the here and now. Call a Gemini to get the skinny.

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Scorpio: Simplicity has much to recommend it. Sadly, these aren't the times to enjoy it to the top of your bent. Go for the complex, reach for the subterranean, advance through the Machiavellian machinations towards your deep, dark goals. Seek solutions in the last place you'd look.

Sagittarius: It was a good idea at the time. Happily, your charm could see you through with flying colors -- if you could resist the urge to tell everyone else how to milk the ducks. Keep your thoughts (and your hands) to yourself, and you'll do just fine. Ask an Aries.

Capricorn: Dance on the head of a pin with the angels. Rock in a parallel dimension with Schrodinger's cat. Walk the line laid out by Gandhi. You can move to and through the extremes of the possible with grace and poise. You'll get back what you invest; start soon.

Aquarius: Is this what you meant? Is this what you intended? Is there any other option? You might need to gain a higher vantage point to have maximum perspective. You might need to hire a Sherpa to get you there safely. It might be worth your while to do the extra research.

Pisces: When is the here-and-now too passť to consider? Where can you go to get away from it all inside you? How will you decide you're free of what haunts you? Call it good when you hit metaphysical stasis. Call a friend when you hit a wall made of your own self-limitations.

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