January 1-7, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 1, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You want to be good, but you're dreading the dreary and grim circumstances that wreath appropriate behavior patterns. Resolve to be firm in your resolutions, but don't forget to resolve to have affordable, calorie-free fun as a chaser. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and allow yourself to choose to do your utmost with a will and no mealy-mouthed whining. Once you've got your designated targets in your sights, keep a steady hand at the tiller with moderation in all things. This, of course, includes all forms of moderation!

Aries: You're ready for the hard hits in the new year. You don't expect a free pass, and you're not afraid to work for what you want and need. In addition, you have a fresh vision of the way you want your future to take shape. Celebrate early victories.

Taurus: You can see what needs to be done, and you have the tools at hand. You may not be the most popular person at the office, but you're probably the most prepared. Is it worth your while to exert yourself to make an indelible imprint on the new year-

Gemini: Call 'em like you see 'em. Call 'em in the air. Call 'em before they're fully awake. You can take the worm home if you make the effort to be the early bird. You can get more from every moment by focusing. Who knew it was as easy as that-

Cancer: You can be a part of the solution, but it might take keeping your lip zipped. You perceive more than those around you, and it's not easy to not over-share. You mean well, but acts may trump faith this cycle. Use compassion to get the message out.

Leo: If it were too easy, you wouldn't appreciate it. And you wouldn't be appreciated properly for your contribution to the solution. You're good to go for the long haul, and you can back the dark horse with impunity, since you have the courage of your convictions.

Virgo: Give yourself a pat on the back. There's lots to do, but you prepared properly and you've got an ace in the hole. In addition to all that, you're at a biorhythmic peak for attractiveness, if you'll only let your charisma out of its cage to shine for all it's worth.

Libra: What you want and what you can have may become separated by a tiny choice that turns into a gaping chasm. It's not something you'll do on purpose, so don't beat yourself up when the evidence of the trial comes to light. Call an Aquarius for better perspective.

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Scorpio: You can remember when, but you still have to live in the present. Wrap yourself in your hopes and tie yourself securely in your commitments to the present. You'll get through this grey patch by giving yourself enough rope to make macramé plant hangers. Give generously.

Sagittarius: You can see the big picture better than anyone. You can grasp the essentials before others have read the brief. You can take action before events overtake you. So why are you sitting in the corner sulking- Get over it and make an effort to help the less fortunate.

Capricorn: Once upon a time you were going to live happily ever after. That time can be now, but you still have a lot of work to do to make your future a garden of delights. Your faith in the present translates into success in all you do for this new year.

Aquarius: Let your inner light shine with a vengeance. You have the breadth of vision to take the lemons in front of you and turn them into lemonade. You could still be a contender if you only wanted to get back into serious training. Tip off a Gemini Monday.

Pisces: Walking the talk may be boring, but it's not as difficult as you'd been led to believe. Give yourself a pat on the back for braving the chill business climate to get her done. Rely on your larger community to give you an unexpected boost when you need it most.

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