January 8-14, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 8, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: A sense of hope is in the air, funnily enough. Perhaps we've touched bottom. Perhaps the longer days are to blame. Perhaps the human capacity to find the good has overtaken us. But here we are, ready to work through the rough patches and make the most of our lives. Still feeling run down- Rein in the desire for comfort food and old patterns of behavior. Your past doesn't have your present's best interests at heart. Extra vitamin C hits the spot.

Aries: You can see what's going down, but you don't understand how you come to find yourself in the midst of the fracas. You don't have an axe to grind on either side of the equation, but the more you struggle, the tighter the bind. Relax. Give it a shot.

Taurus: You can remember when everything went according to plan. You can remember when you knew what to expect. You can remember when there were no surprises. But you don't long for those good old days. Why is that- Is uncertainty the better part of valor- Fresh and exciting rule.

Gemini: This calls for a hands-on approach to getting off the dime and out of stasis, stat. You're ready for the next big thing, but you'll have to break out of the mold to get where you're planning to go. Call on your variable nature to find the best path.

Cancer: You've seen it all, but now you're the one on display. Are you being admired- Vilified- Condoned- Condemned- All of this is external to the truth of the matter. It's what's inside you that counts now. Share your certainty with your nearest and dearest on Sunday.

Leo: You're holding the line, but it's not the same as moving forward. You're counting your assets, but it's not the same as growing them. You're watching your mouth, but it's not the same as contributing to the solution. Are you planning to lead, follow or get out of the way-

Virgo: You want to turn the corner, but you can't help being afraid of what you might find there. Will you hold your pose for another long while, or will you take up your courage in both hands and take a giant step forward- You'll know the answer on Monday.

Libra: You worry more than you produce. You fret more than you accomplish. You fuss more than you mean to. You're not a tyrant, but you're not as fully in control as you would like, and it tends to make you controlling. Get over your fear through self-hypnosis. Use chocolate.

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Scorpio: You've been there and done that and now you've taken yourself out of the running. Will you mentor the less experienced- Will you judge the competition- Will you take your gun-belt down and get back into the ring- You have more to offer than you can imagine. Think about it.

Sagittarius: Look up the road and down the road. You know what you want, and you know where you've been and you're neither here nor there at present. What will you do to get to somewhere over the rainbow- What wouldn't you do to make the dream come true-

Capricorn: You're well equipped for the struggle to come. If you could let go of your fear of the future and your sensation that you don't have what it takes, you'd do just fine. So recount your blessings, and get a crony to help you see the essentials. Ask on Tuesday.

Aquarius: Wherever you've been, it's a distance back to where you thought you were meant to be. Do you want to retrace your steps- Do you want to continue on from where you stand now- You have more choices than you think. You only have to see with fresh eyes.

Pisces: It isn't your fault. It wasn't your shortcoming. It won't be your actions alone that determine the changes coming. Let some of the burden fall from your shoulders. Check in with someone more logically oriented than you are, so that you can gain the perspective to take right action.

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