January 29-February 4, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 29, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: So everything isn't going exactly as planned -- and it was a good enough plan, too. But the universe requires us to think outside our self-constructed boxes and fit ourselves to the ever-evolving situation called reality. It's not personal, you're not being singled out; this isn't about any one specific thing. Can you further adjust to discover your infinitely resourceful inner MacGyver? Are you ready to solve the world's problems with nothing more than a ballpoint pen and a box of baking soda?

Aries: That pressure will cause you to exude your best self, drop by drop, in a forced distillation of the soul. Don't worry about how it all ran off the tracks and well away from the blueprint. You're better off-road, when you only have to depend on yourself.

Taurus: You know what you wanted to see come true. You have the tech support essential to the operation. You understand the basis of the issue. Can you also move your expectations to match the permutations which arise as reality meets the road? Think hard Saturday.

Gemini: It isn't the beginning of the end in a greater sense. It's the beginning of a new phase. You're open to the possibilities, but they require more focus, more application and more readiness to pursue the elusive object of desire than what you're used to applying.

Cancer: Was it something you said? It might have been, but you weren't responsible for the info, or what others made of it. Innocence may take you so far, but it won't take you further. Give yourself the luxury of a quiet moment on Friday. Call a crony to recap.

Leo: You were ready to go with the flow when the current changed its course. You were ready to let the chips fall where they may when gravity rescinded its primacy. You were ready to call 'em like you see 'em when you were blinded by circumstances. Reboot carefully.

Virgo: Will you sit in the corner pouting until you get your way? It's not like you to take it so personally. You understand that the size of the universe precludes calling every little thing a direct attack. Let your common sense out of its box. It's time to start over.

Libra: Domesticity draws you like a magnet. You'd rather be cozy at home than anywhere else doing anything else. What a pity. You've been called to serve the larger good. You can see what the issue is and what it may become with proper attention and cooperation.

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Scorpio: Once you were invulnerable. Now you're taking baby steps. Once you were limitless. Now you're verging on the agoraphobic. Once you were stellar. Now you hope to be adequate. This is the right time to reassess your direction and potential. Keep trying.

Sagittarius: It wasn't your fault. The problem pre-exists your involvement in the situation. But you're the one they called in to make it all better. And it will go well for you if you can. What are your personal stakes in the matter? How can you get your own buy-in?

Capricorn: You've been through something like this before. It might not have been as intense as at the present, but here you are and you're doing it over. Use your experience in the field to make the projections from the inner-office operable and sensible.

Aquarius: Determination may be your ally, but you'll need more flexibility than you'd supposed to get from here to there. Exacting standards work in your favor, but only if you can alter them as the real world adds its two cents. Perform with fluidity, compassion.

Pisces: You weren't concerned when it all went awry. You're not as attached to plodding along the plotted course as others may wish you were. You can find the joy, the reward, the satisfaction in continually making your own path through uncharted waters. Breathe.

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