February 5-11, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 5, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You have a dream. You've invested your resources in getting closer to your goals. You've talked a swell game. But will you have the goods to deliver when it's put up or shut up time? Your charm is in order, so you'll be able to show your work to its best advantage, but you know need something solid to back up the chatter. Give yourself extra time to make reality from your ideologies. Eschew the critique phase until you have something concrete. Believe.

Aries: It wasn't just a fantasy. It was the effort of a community to bring itself forward. You were the catalyst. Will you continue to make of yourself that lever with which the whole world might be moved? Will you become the word made flesh? Debate and deliver.

Taurus: You know you want to, but are you really good for it? You've been pushed into a corner and you're at pains to make it understood that you're worth the extra effort. Whom will you convince from where you stand, or sit, right now? Ask your favorite Capricorn.

Gemini: You had a dream. Now you have a bunch of half-realized programs and some platitudes you know better than to be spouting at present. Can you find it in your heart of hearts to separate the sheep from the goats for herd-building purposes? Call Monday.

Cancer: Pretend you can have anything you want, in any amount that would fulfill you. Do you only find more issues with getting your wishes granted, or are you at rest as you vision the future made complete? Call yourself to task. Become more.

Leo: It isn't you who made it such a problem. It won't be you who garners full credit for taking care of business. Yet you have an obligation to see your commitments through. You have a responsibility to the greater good. Don't be afraid to do your best.

Virgo: The scene has been set. Are you a spear carrier or are you the protagonist? Are you the director or the assistant stage-left dresser? You can do as much or as little as your conscience directs you. You can stay or run away. You can reach out to a Pisces.

Libra: Is this your real life? Are you doing what you do on purpose, or have you lost your way and found yourself running on auto-pilot? Is it time to reevaluate your position? Is it time to set a new course? Do you have the tools on hand to make the change?

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Scorpio: It could have been easy. Instead, it's like going back to school. You have lots to learn, and not everyone is friendly. But you test well, you have good materials retention, you gain allies with your hard work and loyal demeanor. Play to your strengths.

Sagittarius: It isn't just hype. There's a change in the air, and you can be a part of the solution if you can get your goodies together and put a smile back on your face. You're raring to go and longing for action to give meaning to your anomie. Call a Gemini.

Capricorn: If it's your turn again, are you ready to do what you must to see yourself from here to there? Are you fit to lead, or will you fall in and allow yourself to be directed? You have the technology within reach. You have the support, but you have to ask.

Aquarius: It all comes down to standing behind your words. It all comes down to enlisting the willing and cajoling the uncertain and coercing the reluctant. It all comes down to calling in your favors and being ready to blow your interpersonal capital in style. Plan.

Pisces: You would if you could, but you're not certain you can allow yourself to go so far. If you don't know for certain, who can you ask? Who is your go-to person when you need your issues clarified, your path cleared and your purpose revivified? Can you commit?

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