February 12-18, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 12, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: There's a tendency to see your loved one as being more combative than usual, to your having to compromise more than usual. The funny thing is, your loved one feels the same way. Are you both right? Or silly? If you can triangulate by stepping outside your box of safety zones and comfort levels, you may find an altogether different take on the situation. This is a good time to find ways to assert your independence while celebrating your connectivity. Throw a party.

Aries: You're coming from behind and you can't be stopped by anything less than your own sense of what's necessary and/or right. You're on top of your game, but you have a guilty sensation nagging you at the back of your cerebellum. Retrofit.

Taurus: It's not a bird or a plane; it's the ever-increasing capability you yourself have developed and now display all unknowing. Your alter ego understands more than you know and can apply these principles even when you're asleep. Check in with your favorite restaurant.

Gemini: You walked the walk for so long you can't remember what your original gait looked or felt like. Now it's time to correct for over-adapting and compensating. Now it's time to right yourself in the name of cosmic justice. Now it's time to give yourself permission.

Cancer: If you opened your heart any more widely to the forces of love and the possibilities of growth embedded therein, the darned thing might fall completely out. Establish good boundaries. Respect yours and those of your partner. Wining and dining may save the day.

Leo: You could if you wanted to, but you're fed up with the extraneous pressure and the ignorant kibitzing. You want to make the most of your life, but you're trammeled by the ideals and ideologies of others. If you can't get in through the window, you can try the door.

Virgo: Is it time to try something completely different? Is it time to get out of the rat race, off the treadmill and far, far from the madding crowd? What tactical maneuvers are left in your arsenal worth attempting? Do you need to go back to school to learn more?

Libra: It might be love in the air, or it could be some kind of invisible gas causing you to think you're more deeply engaged in your relationship than ever. You're not wrong, but you might not be as right as you thought. Listen to your partner respectfully. Plan.

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Scorpio: It's not a dream, or even a nightmare. This is the sum total of what your choices have helped you to make of the present. If it's not what you want, you'll need to keep making choices until you get to where you do want to be. Listen to your dreams.

Sagittarius: You're near the top of your field. You're aces with the sticky wickets you've been pitching at. You're ready for each and every challenge that rolls down the pike. But you still don't feel like you've got the optimal rhythm going. Reflect Sunday.

Capricorn: You would if you could, but you can't--or at least that's what you've learned from early response and analysis. If you could, would you jump back in and make it all good? If you could, would you get with the program and get out of the rut you're in?

Aquarius: It's more complicated than it looks and easier than you think. It's like the Rubik's Cube, really. So re-approach the situation with fresh eyes and fresh allies. You'll find there's something unexpected after Monday, which allows you more choice, more change.

Pisces: It could have been all about the fluffy, soft and happy things in life. It could have, but now it's about salvaging what you can and releasing what you can't. Don't blame yourself, it was the times and the tides doing that shifting, circling dance all over again.

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